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Everything You Need to Know About Kaftans

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Kaftans, kaftans, kaftans! They’re super popular this year, especially in Indian and Pakistani fashion, but everywhere else, too! If you’re interested in getting kaftan dresses, or kaftan tops, you need to read this article. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about kaftans!

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What are Kaftans?

pakistani kaftans

Before we can get into all you need to know about kaftans, we need to cover what is a kaftan? A kaftan is an ankle-length dress with big, flowy sleeves and typically a cinched waist to accentuate your curves (though a cinched waist isn’t a must for kaftans). They were very popular in the Middle East but are now loved worldwide.

Kaftans have become especially popular in recent years. So if you’re wondering, are kaftans even popular in 2020? The answer is ABSOLUTELY.

In South Asian countries like Pakistan and India, kaftans are making a huge comeback and everyone’s wearing them. Not only that, this wave of kaftans has made its way to the West!

misha lakhani kaftans
Misha Lakhani Kaftan ($200)

What to Consider with Kaftans

misha lakhani kaftans
Misha Lakhani Kaftan ($570)

When you’re going to be buying kaftans, it might be a bit overwhelming, especially if you’re not familiar with them. Let’s cover what you need to look for and consider when you’re trying to find the perfect kaftan.


The fabric of your kaftan will make or break your outfit. Fabrics are so important because they completely change the way your kaftan flows, and the flow of your kaftan is critical.


Cotton is one of the best fabrics to use for kaftans – especially if you want something breathable and casual. Cotton kaftans are also super easy to clean, so this is a great option – especially for the summer!


A silk kaftan is luxurious and stunning for formal events. They also flow very beautifully so that when you walk, it’s like you have a fan blowing on you lol. Of all kaftans, I think silk ones are the most beautiful.

Wool and Cashmere

If you want to wear a kaftan during the colder months, wool and cashmere kaftans are perfect! They’ll keep you warm and cozy and still look beautiful.


The usual kaftan is ankle length, but nowadays the length is always changing.

If you want the classic kaftan, then ankle length is perfect. Personally, I like my kaftan a little shorter than the ankle so you see the tiniest bit of your leg. It looks sexy, in an understated, elegant sort of way.

You can also wear a kaftan that is down to your feet, or even longer so that even with heels they sweep the floor a little. It looks very elegant and is great for formal nighttime events.

formal kaftans
@aishakhadeeja on Instagram

You can also change up your kaftan by wearing pants underneath! This looks really cute if your kaftan has a slit so you see more of the leg. The picture above is a perfect example of that.

If you want to show more leg, you can skip the pants and have a slit in your kaftan. Or, if you would like a more conservative look, wear a pair of complimentary bottoms.

misha lakhani kaftans
@meheksaeed on Instagram

Another classic and stunning way to wear your kaftan is with slits on the side. This look is so elegant and chic, and when you walk the kaftan will sway beautifully at the sides.

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Mehek Saeed wore this beautiful blue kaftan by Misha Lakhani (in white for $200) and it has side slits that look modern, chic, and very trendy.


Finding the right size for your kaftan is actually surprisingly easy. Kaftans are meant to be flowy and loose, so if you’re a small in most clothing, you could definitely get away with a medium or even a large in a kaftan. All you have to do is belt the kaftan if the waist isn’t cinched to make it more flattering.

This is the same case for kaftans that might be a size or two too small. Because they’re already quite loose fitting, even a size smaller than your normal size will fit just fine.

Just make sure that the length of the kaftan is to your liking, regardless of its size.

Where to Buy Kaftans?

Misha Lakhani

Most of the kaftans I have mentioned so far have been from the Pakistani designer, Misha Lakhani, and these kaftans make the perfect formal outfit for any occasion.

Here are some Misha Lakhani kaftans you need to see!

misha lakhani kaftans
@zainabreza91 on Instagram

What’s really great about Pakistani and Indian designers is that they usually do custom sizing in addition to their regular sizes, so you can have your kaftan tailored perfectly to your liking!

Farah Talib Aziz

farah talib aziz kaftans
@emanjkhan on Instagram

Farah Talib Aziz is a household name in luxury Pakistani fashion and her stunning, colorful kaftans prove it!

farah talib aziz kaftans
Rose Garden Kaftan ($139.33)

If you’re looking for summer kaftans, you should definitely check out this designer. This rose garden kaftan is for only $139.33 dollars on their website – a steal for luxury fashion!

Like I mentioned earlier, Farah Talib Aziz also does custom sizing!


kynah kaftans
Kynah Sanya Kaftan ($398)

This Indian fashion brand is based out of LA and has beautiful kaftans in four different colors and patterns.

Faiza Samee

@FaizaSamee on Instagram

Faiza Samee has awesome prints and colors for all their pieces, including kaftans. The picture above is one of their kaftan dresses and it’s colorful, fun, and perfect for any party!

The only frustrating thing about the brand is that they don’t have prices available online so you have to ask them via their email or Instagram. If you have any questions regarding the brand, email them here for direct contact with the brand.

Affordable Kaftan Options

For more affordable options, I would highly recommend H&M. They have beautiful kaftans for great prices and they’re easily accessible because what place do you know that doesn’t have an H&M?!

Let’s look at some cheaper kaftan options.

  • Chiffon Kaftan – $22.99
  • Embroidered Kaftan – $23.99
  • Multicolored Beach Kaftan – $22.99
  • Black and White Tie-Dye Kaftan – $21.99
  • H&M Jacquard Kaftan – $34.99
  • H&M V-neck Beach Kaftan – $17.99
  • H&M Ombre Kaftan – $34.99
  • H&M Kaftan – $69.99

I hope this article made finding your perfect kaftan much easier!

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  1. Kaftaan is the upcoming fashion trend going about this season. Though there are are few interesting embroidered kaftaan collection from Anita Dongre. Interestingly I like the Farah Talib Aziz and Kyrnah collection which brings the elegance of ethnic wear.

    1. Me too! I love Farah Talib Aziz’s kaftaan collections – they are so luxurious and wearable at the same time 🙂

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