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Cute & Easy Summer Hairstyles That are Trending in 2022

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It’s almost Summer time and that means every girl is looking for easy Summer hairstyles that take no time to style and are perfect for any hair color, hair length, and hair type. These Summer hairstyles will have you drooling with inspiration!

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Easy Summer Hairstyles for 2022

Classic Half-Up, Half-Down Hairstyle

Classic Half-Up, Half-Down Hairstyle - easy summer hairstyles

Whether you have long hair, short hair, or medium length hair, this classic half-up, half-own with your bangs out is my ultimate go-to easy summer hairstyle!

I love having face framing bangs out and it’s also a great greasy hair style idea that literally takes 2 minutes to do.

I love using a tight comb to brush my hair up to avoid any bumps and make my hair look as sleek as possible.

Floral Beach Braids

Floral Beach Braids

This is the ultimate cute and easy Summer hairstyles idea because it’s beachy, feminine, and so easy!

All you need to do to get this adorable braided hair style is to loosely braid your hair and then stick in baby flowers everywhere you would like.

The flowers won’t stay in your hair because of your small they are so try bobby pins or clipping them in so they stay in all day.

This is a great protective beach hairstyle for Summer 2022!

Trendy Pigtails

trendy pigtails

Pigtails will never go out of style, but if you’re looking for more updated and trendy Summer hairstyles, try braided pigtails!

To add extra height to your hair, like in the photo, tie a hair tie to the base for volume.

Pulling out a few strands of hair is great for face framing, especially if you have a rounder or longer face.

Slick Y2K Bun and Mini Braids

Slick Y2K Bun and Mini Braids

This slicked back bun with spiked ends is o Y2K and so hot right now!

Plus, it’s a super easy Summer hairstyle that takes no time at all if you have the right hair gel with you.

To make the look more feminine and Summer time appropriate, braid your front pieces for an edgy updo, perfect for all occasions.

To get this slicked back bun, use an extra strength hair gel to keep all your baby hairs and flyaways under control.

90s Pony

90s Pony

This retro high pony is so cute and perfect for easy Summer hairstyles ideas because it’ll keep your hair out of your face on unbearably hot days.

I love using thick scrunchies for high ponies because it adds so much volume and drama to any hairstyle!

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For an extra flirty vibe, wave the ends of your hair like Hailey’s.

Retro Space Buns

Retro Space Buns

Not only are space buns so adorable for Summer, if you dye the front pieces of your hair a contrasting color, it’s such a fun and edgy twist on a classic Summer hairstyle.

To make it look like you spent a lot more time on this hairstyle than you really did, take a piece of hair and wrap it around the space buns so it looks like your hair is the hair tie. Secure it with a bobby pin so it lasts all day.

This hairstyle is so much more interesting than a messy bun and takes the same amount of time – it’s that easy!

Out of the Way, No Fuss Braids

cute summer hairstyles for long hair

A classic braid will never go out of style and is one of my favorite easy Summer hairstyles because it keeps your hair out of the way and looks so chic and put together.

This no fuss braided hairstyle is so Parisienne!

Simple but Cute Hairstyle

cute summer hairstyles for long hair

I’m always wearing lip gloss in the Summer and there’s no worse feeling than getting your hair stuck on your sticky glossed lips, but this hairstyle won’t let that happen!

Summer Bandanas

summer hairstyle ideas - hair bandanas

A cute satin bandana is one of my favorite hair accessories for when I’m on 4rth day hair and I don’t want anyone seeing how greasy my hair is.

Pick a fun, colorful bandana as your ultimate Summer hair accessory for 2022!

Baby Girl Barrettes

barrettes and hair clips

The ultimate lazy girl Summer hairstyle is to put in a pair of adorable barrettes and let your hair flow.

This is perfect for natural hair and wavy hair, or after a beach day when your hair looks textured.

A great DIY hack to this is gluing fake flowers on bobby pins and pinning them to your hair that way.

If you want easy Summer hairstyles, you can’t get easier than this!

Cute & Messy Buns

messy space buns

Space buns are coming in so hot for 2022 and can you blame them? They’re so cute and so easy to do!

This hairstyle works on every hair color and every hair type and is great if you want something messy but still cute.

This take on a messy bun is perfect for this Summer!

Butterfly Clip Hairstyle

butterfly hair clip hairstyle

Not only is this Summer hairstyle so adorable, but it’s literally one of the easiest hairstyles ever because all you need to do is use butterfly clips to clip random pieces of hair to the back of your head.

This hairstyle looks best on wavy and textured hair – perfect for beach days!

I hope these cute and easy Summer hairstyles give you inspiration for this Summer! Whether you have long hair, short hair, or medium length hair, these hairstyles will look amazing on you!

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