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What is Dry Conditioner? Why You Need it & Best Products in 2022

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dry conditioner 2022

The hair care world is constantly changing and coming up with new ideas, products, and styles to try, and I usually don’t hop on a lot of the hair trends because to be honest, a lot of times it’s a cash grab and I just don’t think the hype lives up to the name. But that’s not the case here. Dry conditioners are the hottest, newest product in the hair care world and I’m obsessed and know you will be, too!
If you’re always on the go and are constantly dealing with dry, frizzy, tangled hair that just seems to get worse throughout the day because of humidity, then you need to keep reading for a hair product that will transform your hair!

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What is Dry Conditioner?

Have you ever been out running errands and your hair feels frizzy, dry, and looks like a lions mane from the humidity? Then you might need to use a dry conditioner.

Dry conditioner is exactly what it sounds like: a dry formula of conditioner that hydrates, nourishes, and refreshes your hair without having to get it wet like with a traditional conditioner.

They contain oils and silicones that reduce frizz and moisturize your hair so it looks and feels freshly styled, a lot softer, and a lot shinier. Because it dries immediately after contact with your hair, it’s a great on-the-go solution for frizz, humidity, and dryness without having to get your hair wet like with a traditional conditioner.

BUT, don’t confuse dry conditioner with dry shampoo. Dry shampoo is meant to absorb excess oil and make your hair look and feel greasy, while a dry formulation of conditioner is meant to hydrate your hair and make it look more sleek and styled.

This new hair product is basically conditioner in an aerosol can that you can use throughout the day to touch your hair and make it look freshly styled and conditioned.

Why You Need Dry Conditioner in Your Hair Routine

Dry conditioners are great for touch-ups throughout day and are a lot more convenient than traditional conditioners because it’s dry and doesn’t require wetting your hair. It’s great for traveling!

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It also reduces frizz, adds moisture and shine to hair, detangles hair, and is great if you live in a humid climate.

But, some people have said that dry conditioners can leave a white residue on the hair – especially if you have dark hair. In situations like these, try gently massaging the product in so it blends into the hair and spray from about 6 inches away.

How to Use Dry Conditioner

The easiest and most practical way to apply dry conditioner is how you would apply a regular conditioner.

If you feel like your hair is feeling frizzy, dry, and needs smoothing down and detangling, just spray it on the length of your hair for hydration and shine that makes the hair looks sleek with no flyaways.

Another great way to use it is with dry shampoo. Use the dry shampoo first to absorbs excess oil on the scalp and then finish your style by spraying dry conditioner on the length and ends of your hair. This is essentially like shampooing and conditioning your hair like normal.

If you’re unsure where on your hair to apply the product, do it like you normally with conditioner after washing your hair: stick mostly to the ends of your hair and work your way up, but make sure to avoid the roots of your hair so they don’t get greasy and feel weighed down.

Best Dry Conditioners in 2022

Dry conditioners are still pretty new to the hair care world, but these are a few front runners everyone’s been raving about:

This was an in-depth guide on all things dry conditioner from what it is and how to use it to the best ones available in 2022.

I hope this helps you figure out some of the best products for you and helps on your hair journey to beautiful, healthy hair!

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