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Easy DIY Home Decor Ideas for Expensive Looking Spaces

Designing any space can be expensive and let’s be honest, DIY projects to save some $$ usually ends up in disaster. These DIY home decor ideas, however, are inexpensive and elevate any space and make it look so much more expensive! Use these DIY hacks to make any room look ballin’ on a budget.

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Mirrors are an awesome way to make a room look bigger and add dimension, while also making it look more expensive. This trick is great because you can find large mirrors at places like Ikea and West Elm for quite cheap, but it will make a huge difference to any room! Mirrors are also super clean and minimal, making the space look chicer and more put together.

large hanging mirror in dining room to make a room look bigger and more expensive. They are easily accessible and inexpensive on sites like west elm and ikea and thus make a great DIY project. easy diy home decor ideas

Like in this dining room, adding a large hanging mirror not only makes the space appear much larger but adds dimension to the room and makes it look more luxe. You could also add lots of smaller mirrors to make the space more fun and eclectic! In a bedroom, mirrored closets and cabinets are an awesome way to look expensive on a budget:

mirrored closet cabinets - an easy DIY to make your closet look bigger and more expensive. Mirrors are a great way to make a space loo chicer. easy diy home decor ideas


Cushions are such an easy and fun way to elevate any space! They are relatively inexpensive and can transform how a room resonates. If you have an all white space, some colorful cushions will add more life to the space at minimal cost. Playing with different textures and colors and patterns is an easy and noncommittal way to experiment with a space. Slouchy, more relaxed cushions can make a room look homier and warmer while more structured and stiff cushions are great for formal spaces. Zara Home and H&M’s home collection always have adorable cushions at a great cost!

These stacked cushion make great talking points and are small details that change a room. You can even sew them yourself, a fun and inexpensive DIY project. easy diy home decor ideas

I love the round and square cushions in the last photo: it makes the space so much more fun and dynamic.


Accessories are personal and can add so much life to any space and make it look rich in history and rich in taste! I think accessories are my favorite way to make any room look more expensive because the options are endless! Accessories can be personal or mass produced and they can basically be anything: from vases to picture frames to paper weights to art to cool lamps!

Here are examples of rooms with so much more character and richness through the use of accessories:

I especially like the last picture for home decor inspo because it takes DIY accessories to the max! Using funky tables and a statement sofa as the focal points, the rest of the space is elevated with accessories from paper weights to a coffee table book and cool light fixtures!

I hope these easy DIY home decor ideas will make your space look more expensive and lux.

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