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Want A Cute Skincare Fridge? You Will LOVE These!

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I have seen skincare fridges EVERYWHERE, and not gonna lie, they look adorable! Skincare fridges are a great way to make your everyday routine a little more indulgent and exciting. If you’re looking for a cute skincare fridge, then you will absolutely love these aesthetic and cute beauty fridges.

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Skincare fridges are so cute, but are they practical and useful? Here are some FAQ’s about skincare fridges you should know!

Does a Skincare Fridge Do Anything?

Skincare fridges are pretty controversial because a lot of people think they don’t do anything. While keeping your skincare products cold isn’t the greatest thing you can do for your skin, they’re actually really helpful.

By keeping your skincare products cool, you slowdown the growth of fungus and bacteria and this keeps your products fresher for longer. Cold skincare products also helps with inflammation, puffiness, and redness.

A great tip is to keep skincare tools like gua sha and face rollers in your skincare fridge so that when you use them in the morning they’re cold and it will help bring down any swelling and puffiness better.

Is Putting Skincare in Fridge Good?

Like I mentioned above, cooling your skincare products is great for inflammation, puffiness, and redness on the face and will allow your products to last longer and stay fresh longer.

Because you’re increasing the shelf life of products by putting them in a skincare fridge, they become more potent and have higher concentrations of ingredients than products you leave out. Long story short, the ingredients in your products will stay active for much longer!

So YES! putting skincare in a cosmetics fridge is good!

What Skin Care Products Should be in the Fridge?

Most of the products you use for the face will work even better if you keep them cooled in a skincare fridge, including:

  • Skincare tools like gua sha and face roller
  • Face masks/sheet masks
  • Eye Creams
  • Serums (especially Vitamin C serums, hyaluronic acids, and niacinamide!)
  • Toners
  • Face mists
  • Moisturizer

Now that you know how great a skincare fridge can be for your skincare products, let’s get into adorable skincare fridges that are also super practical and effective.

Aesthetic & Cute Skincare Fridges

1. Portable Mirrored Beauty Fridge

How adorable is this mini skincare fridge with a mirrored surface?

Not only is this beauty fridge stylish and chic, but it’s super practical if you’re traveling and don’t have an extra mirror.

Plus, it’s less than $50!

2. Professional Skincare Fridge

This is one of the best skincare fridges on the market – it has an automated climate control system and an ultra silent operation mode so it won’t make any noise.

It’s so aesthetically beautiful too – I’m obsessed with this beauty fridge!

3. Cherry Red Mini Beauty Fridge

Pink and white are the most common colors for mini skincare fridges, but I love this cherry red one.

Don’t the sliver handles give the fridge such an adorable retro feel?

4. Professional Cosmetics Mini Fridge

What I love most about this cute skincare fridge is the amount of space it has.

Not only can you put in large full size bottles, but you can also put in tiny travel sized skincare bottles and have two additional compartments.

If you have a lot of skincare products, you will love this beauty fridge.

5. Cosmetics Mini Fridge (in many colors)

This skincare fridge is a great starter fridge. It doesn’t have as much space as the one above, but it’s surprisingly roomy and won’t take up much space in your bathroom.

It also comes in six different colors!

6. Smart Mini Skincare Fridge

This skincare fridge has a capacity of 9 liters which is HUGE and it’s smart – it has an adjustable temperature control with a remote control.

If you were looking for a cute skincare fridge, I hope these adorable ones caught your eye! I also hope this article cleared up any questions you might have had about skincare fridges, like if skincare fridges actually work and what products to put in skincare fridge.

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  1. […] Want A Cute Skincare Fridge? You Will LOVE These! […]

  2. […] Want A Cute Skincare Fridge? You Will LOVE These! […]

  3. […] Want A Cute Skincare Fridge? You Will LOVE These! […]

  4. […] Want A Cute Skincare Fridge? You Will LOVE These! […]

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