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Cute Claw Clips for Thick Hair (Affordable & Trendy!)

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Claw clips became really popular a few years ago when the Y2K trend took off and they’ve been super hot since then, and will stay hot because these hair clips aren’t just trendy, but they’re super practical and make styling your hair fun and exciting. But, if you have thick hair, sometimes it’s hard to put your hair in hair clips, which is why this article on cute claw clips for thick hair is exactly what you need if getting all your hair under one clip seems near impossible.

If you’re wondering what are the best claw clips if you have a lot of hair, then you need to keep reading!

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Are Claw Clips in Style 2022?

Before I get into some of the best claw clips for thick hair, I think it’s good to address some common q’s people still have about them.

A lot of people are wondering if claw clips are still in style for 2022, and YES, they are! Claw clips have actually been popular for a very long time, because not only are they super cute, they’re also very practical. This popularity increased massively a few years ago when the Y2K trend became hot, but they’ve been very popular since then.

This is because 1) the Y2K trend is still very much alive and 2) they’ve always been quite popular so even if the early 2000s trend dies down, claw clips will still be everywhere.

Plus, all the Instagram girlies are still rocking them, so that has to count for something lol!

Are Claw Clips Better for Your Hair?

Claw clips are as good for your hair as any other hair clip – IF you use them properly.

When you’re putting your hair into the clip, make sure not to pull on your hair too tightly, because that can cause breakage. And when you’re taking the clip out, don’t just yank out, make sure to open the claw clips as wide as is comfortable and gently pull out your hair with the other hand.

Personally, I’ve noticed that since using claw clips regularly, my hair is healthier, not because of the clip itself, but it’s easy to just throw your hair up instead of applying heat to it. When my hair is a little greasy, I’ll just pull it back into a clip and it prevents me from having to wash my hair too much.

Now let’s get into the best hair claw clips for thick hair!

Cute Claw Clips for Thick Hair

1. Claw Clip & Comb Set

I love how this large claw clip comes with a matching comb – it’s so aesthetic and practical.

It’s also pretty rare seeing claw clips in such deep, bright colors – usually they’re in neutral and tortoise shell tones.

2. Pink Multicolor Claw Clip

This multicolor, 70s inspired claw clip is great if you have a lot of hair because it’s really big and has alligator claws so they grab onto the hair and keep it in place all day long.

if you’re looking for cute claw clips for thick hair, this baby is a must have!

3. Tortoise Hair Clip

I’ve seen tortoise shell claw clips everywhere but I LOVE the blue accents on this one!

The clip has an easy grip and lots of little claws that keep the hair in place.

The best tortoise shell claw clip with a twist!

4. Cherry Rhinestone Claw Clip

I can’t believe this cherry rhinestone claw clip is only $13!

A lot of luxury hair brands have made similar claw clips that they’re selling for $80+, so this one is such a steal.

Not only is it super cute, it’s very sturdy and the big clip grip means you have a lot more control, which is really important if you have a lot of hair.

5. Japanese Claw Clip

These Japanese inspired claw clips are so unique and so beautiful, you will LOVE them.

I’ve never seen claw clips like these before and they’re great if you’re looking for more formal hair clips that are still super practical.

Plus, the closely packed claws means amazing grip so your thick hair doesn’t fall out.

6. Oversize Resin Claw Clip

You’re here because you’re looking for law clips for thick hair, and this oversize resin one is a dream come true for the thick haired girlies.

It’s big and has large, well spaced claws that grab ALL your hair and keep it tight and in place all day long.

A lot of people wonder if claw clips work with thick hair, and this one is the perfect example of a stylish and basic claw clip designed specifically for thick hair.

7. Personalized Claw Clips

What better way to make a statement than with a personalized, bold, and big hair clip that makes for the best trendy hair accessory.

There’s so many options for this claw clip – you get to choose the style, color, and print!

8. Glitter Claw Clip

This might be controversial, but I actually love wearing claw clips for formal events – I think they look sexy and fun and I love the ends of my hair sticking up over my head like a blooming flower.

BUT, it’s so hard finding claw clips and hair clips that are formal enough to wear at night time events.

This beaded metal claw clip from Free People is the perfect solution for that. It’s fun, eye catching, and the perfect formal hair clip.

9. Floral & Pearl Claw Clip

I love how delicate and feminine this baby blue hair clip with pearl detailing is!

It’s subtle but bold, and holds a surprising amount of hair considering how thin it is. It has a secure comb tooth closure so even though it looks dainty, your hair isn’t budging in this hair clip.

10. Resin Claw Clip Set

The comb tooth closures on the claw clips in this set are great for gripping thick hair and besides, how adorable are all the different marbled patterns on the gold base!

So trendy and chic!

11. Emi Jay Sweetheart Clip

Swooning for this sweetheart clip with rhinestone hearts on a marbled, under water effect on the baby pink base.

The teeth of the clip are very long – perfect for long and thick hair!

12. Colorful Vintage Claw Clips

Cute claw clips for thick hair? Baby, look no further!

These colorful vintage claw clips are super big and long so they’ll grab onto all your hair and keep it in place for hours and hours.

Plus, the pattern is so fun and perfect to make a bold statement.

13. French Porcelain Claw Clip

How sophisticated and elegant do these French porcelain claw clips look?

I love the pattern and the grip of the clip that makes managing your hair soo much easier.

14. Jumbo Hair Claw

This basic acrylic clear jumbo hair claw clip is perfect if you have super long and super thick hair because it’s MASSIVE and has a very secure tooth comb that grips the hair really nicely.

Plus, a clear hair clip goes with any outfit!

15. Emi Jay Peach Claw Clip

How dainty and sweet is this embellished peach claw clip?

I’ve been eyeing this clip for a long time, and finally took the plunge and ordered it.

I can’t wait to wear it at more formal events in a half up and half down hair style.

16. Abstract Claw Clip Set

Trendy hair accessories have never been cooler.

This abstract claw clip set is perfect if you have a lot of hair but don’t want to feel like you can only use big, boring clips to keep your hair in place because there’s no cute claw clips for thick hair.

I also love how different each clip in this set is – the perfect starter pack!

17. Evil Eye Claw Clip

I just had to include this evil eye claw clip because I’ve never seen anything like it before and I’m OBSESSED.

It’s so cute and trendy, but also super timeless because the evil eye symbol is never going out of fashion lol!

Love, love, LOVE this claw clip!

18. Floral Hair Clip Set

Even though the floral embellishments are so cute and perfect for Spring and Summer, the reason I really love this hair clip set is because of the tightly packed teeth.

They grip onto your hair SO well and keep your hair secure and in place until you physically take the clip out yourself.

Great for thick hair!

19. Acrylic Patterned Hair Claws

These funky shaped hair claw clips are great for thick hair because they’re big and the zig-zag pattern locks your hair in place.

I hope these cute claw clips for thick hair make finding the perfect hair clips for you easy and fun!

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