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Affordable & Cute Bathroom Accessories To Elevate Your Home

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I feel like most people don’t have cute bathroom accessories because everyone focus on other, ‘more important’ spaces like the bedroom or living room. Bathrooms are so, so important because that’s where you do your skincare routine and where you might get ready and so you want a bathroom that feels inviting and indulgent.

Keep reading for cute bathroom accessories that will elevate your bathroom – you’ll never want to leave after you get these pretty but functional bathroom pieces.

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Cute Bathroom Accessories for 2021

cute bathroom accessories: plants, bathroom stools

‘Get Naked’ Bathroom Mat – Cute Bathroom Accessories

I love these ‘Get Naked’ bathroom mats – they make for such cute bathroom accessories that are fun and sexy and very very cheeky (literally lol!). If you have a plain bathroom aesthetic, these mats are great ways to add character to the bathroom.

These are some of my favorite ‘Get Naked’ bathroom mats:

  • Yueliu ‘Get Naked’ Floral Bathroom Mat – $25.99
  • Gray Bathroom Mat – $25.99
  • Multicolor Washroom Mat – $29.99
  • Baby Pink ‘Get Naked’ Bathroom Accessories – $27.99

Floating Shelves to Upgrade Your Bathroom

bathroom accessories: floating shelves for extra storage
via shelterness

Floating shelves are really cute bathroom accessories that will create more storage space in your bathroom without looking intrusive and taking up a lot of space. What I love most about floating shelves are that they’re super lowkey and don’t look obnoxious and don’t make your bathroom feel cramped and like you’re just stuffing things into it.

The type of floating shelves you put into your bathroom is totally up to you and depends on the vibe you want in your bathroom. If you have a very boho themed space, then wooden shelves would be great but if you have a super minimalistic bathroom, then white or some other neutral toned shelf would be better. If you want it to be more of a statement, then you can have black floating shelves – this would look really cool if you have a very clean, neutral bathroom with a pop of black in the floating shelves.

The Best Floating Shelves

cute bathroom accessories: floating shelves for storage space
bathroom floating shelves

I’ve linked a bunch of floating shelves that would work for any type of bathroom. Check them out:

Mini Bathroom Benches/Stools – The Ultimate Bathroom Accessory

cute bathroom accessories: rugs and bathroom wooden benches

Mini stools and benches are such cute bathroom accessories because they add so much character and are so fun and adorable! Plus, they’re super practical. You can have benches in the bathroom to throw towels on top of or even sensual candles for the days you want to treat yourself to a bubble bath. These are also really great to keep in the shower or bath if you need an extra hand for balance and stability while you shave your legs.

Personally, I think wooden benches and stools are the best for bathrooms of any style because they have better grip and look a lot more natural and beautiful in bathroom spaces. One material I would definitely recommend against for bathroom benches is metal because they can get rusty and end up staining towels if you put them on the metal bench.

Here are some of my favorite mini bathroom benches and stools:

Adorable Laundry Baskets

Having cute laundry hampers are both functional and adorable and add a surprising amount of character to a bathroom. The greatest thing about pretty hampers is that they literally look like decor when in reality they’re hiding dirty clothes lol.

If you want pretty laundry baskets for your bathroom, I think the best options are knitted and wicker baskets that are of more neutral tones. These look very aesthetically beautiful and also draw little attention to themselves since they’re in lighter tones so it doesn’t make your bathroom feel crowded and stuffy.

Here are some affordable and trendy laundry baskets that will look so chic in your bathroom.

Elevated Taps & Faucets

A really easy and subtle way to elevate your bathroom and make it look a lot more luxurious and updated is by changing the taps and faucets. I never realized this until I saw comparison photos of bathrooms with old fixtures and new ones, but your sink faucets make such a difference to your bathroom and can take it from grandma to hot MILF. Simple changes can completely elevate your bathroom and make it look a lot fancier with a lot less work.

Here are some gold, black, and modern faucets that would make any bathroom look so luxe and expensive.

Bathroom Wall Art

bathroom accessories: wall prints and wall art decor ideas

I am OBSESSED with wall art. I honestly think there are very few things that can add as much character and define the vibe of a space like wall art can. If you see a super dark wall painting then my vibe is dark and I associate the vibe of the room with that dark theme, and the same goes for if its bright. Depending on the mood you want to set in your bathroom, wall art is the perfect way to achieve it.

Lately it’s been really trendy to have 70s, funky wall prints but for the bathroom I think something simpler and brighter is the best bet. Your bathroom is your sanctuary and you probably don’t want to have really loud art work in it that can be distracting and a little too much of a statement. Something simple and subdued is the best bet for most bathrooms, unless you have a specific theme you’re following.

bathroom accessories: mini benches and wall art ideas
via Eric Piasecki

Here is some bathroom wall art I would totally put in my bathrooms:

Cute Storage Baskets

cute bathroom  storage baskets
via housebeautiful

As much as cute bathroom accessories are nice to have for the aesthetic and making your space feel more pretty and put together, it’s useless if its not functional. Most bathrooms aren’t very big so you need to make sure to utilize your bathroom space as best you can and the best way to do that is with adorable storage baskets that are both functional and cute.

Storage baskets are a great way to spruce up your bathroom on a budget while still being practical. Of course the type of baskets you will use in your bathroom is completely up to you and the type of aesthetic you have in your washroom so I’ve made sure to have a bunch of options for every type of bathroom.

Sensual Bathroom Candles

I love candles and they’re so great for the bathroom because they really set the mood and are perfect for the days you want to indulge yourself with a bath or just want to spoil yourself doing your nighttime skincare routine.

It’s Fall time now, and these 57 best Fall scented candles are perfect for this time of the year and the packaging is so beautiful it’s a two for one for scented candles AND pretty home decor.

Here are a few more options, too:

Plants, Plants, and Plants (Fake & Real)

Plants can make your bathroom feel a lot more bohemian and add so much life and dimension to your washroom. This is ideal for bathrooms that do have a little bit more space because if your bathroom is small, adding plants might just make it feel even smaller and more cramped. But if you can spare some room, plants are such an awesome addition to bathrooms and make it a lot more interesting than your average washroom.

Now the big debate is if you should use fake or real plants in your bathroom. Personally, I think fake plants are best for me because I do NOT have a green thumb and if I put real plants in my bathroom they’d probably all be brown and dying within a week. If, however, you love plants and have a knack for them, then real plants is totally a great option.

Fancy Soaps That Look Like Art

I think one of the most underrated parts of a bathroom are the soaps. Indulging in fancy, pretty soap bars is such a great way to make your bathroom more inviting and is such a perfect option for cute bathroom accessories. You can swap soaps and continuously try new ones and display them on the sink.

A lot of luxury soaps come with their own tin, so one thing that I love doing is keeping the soap in its tin until I first use it – it looks like an adorable little package on the sink.

I’ve found some adorable soap bars that look like art and will make your bathroom so much more feminine and cute.

Check them out:

Cute Soap Dispensers & Dishes

One you open the fancy soaps you have, you’ll need an equally adorable soap dish to put them in. Now soap dishes and dispensers are a lot more noticeable in your bathroom than a lot of other cute bathroom accessories because it’s right on the sink and everyone will see it when they wash their hands.

When you’re trying to find cute bathroom accessories, this is one of the most important things to remember: the small pieces you think no one notices often times have a much bigger effect than the more obvious big pieces. So if you change a lot of small things in your bathroom like the taps and faucets, the soap dishes, and the toilet holders, this will probably make a more noticeable difference to your bathroom than if you just put a big painting in it.

So the smaller parts of your bathroom like the soap dispenser is a great way to start in elevating your bathroom. These are some adorable soap dishes and dispensers:

Accent Bathroom Rugs and Mats – Cute Bathroom Accessories

Adding rugs and mats in your bathroom are both functional and fun. I love adding rugs to bathrooms because it adds a lot of texture to your washroom. I think adding a statement rug or bath mat can make your bathroom so much cooler just by adding a pop of color to it – it’s a lot more interesting than a plain white marble bathroom.

Another great tip is to use rugs you would use in the rest of your home in your bathroom – it will make your bathroom feel a lot more luxurious and they’re super practical, too. Rugs and mats add grip to the bathroom floor so you won’t slip and slide lol! Plus, adding a statement rug is a great to upgrade your bathroom without making any other changes.

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I’ve linked regular rugs that would look amazing in your bathroom (and other parts of your home) but also bathroom specific mats and rugs. You’ll love these!

Luxe Toilet Paper Stands

I mentioned this earlier, too, but making subtle changes like changing your toilet paper holder can completely transform your bathroom and luxe it up so fast! This is a super easy and affordable change that will make going to the bathroom so luxurious lol!

Here are some adorable toiler paper stands and holders that are discrete but beautiful and will make your bathroom super chic and organized.

Magazine Holders

I know that most people don’t even read magazines anymore, but having a magazine holder in your bathroom with a couple of vintage mags and newspaper is so chic and fashionable and fun! I love this idea – I even found some adorable vintage magazine holders that would look so fun next to the toilet. If you haven’t tried upgrading your bathroom with magazine holders, you definitely need to try it.

Check these ones out:

Incense Holders for the Bathroom

Making your bathroom smell nice is so important, especially considering all the action a washroom gets lol. Bathroom sprays are great options for your bathroom, but for a more beautiful and aesthetically pleasing perfume idea, try incenses! These incense are such cute bathroom accessories and will make your washroom feel like a spa.

Not only have I linked incense holders and burners that look so, so luxurious but I’ve also attached a couple of incense sticks with fruity and deep scents for the best smelling bathroom on the block.

Indulgent Towel Sets

Though investing in high quality towels is a great long-term investment, they also make for cute bathroom accessories that make your bathroom feel rich and indulgent.

Personally, I think lighter, more neutral tones are best for towels, or even light pastels like baby blue. Check these luxury towel sets out!

Perfume Holders – Super Cute Bathroom Accessories

Beautiful perfume trays are great for your bathroom because they’re very practical and functional but also so pretty to look at! One of my favorite parts of organizing my vanity is organizing my perfumes because the bottles of perfumes are already so beautiful that when they’re all together it’s just so pretty and feminine.

A nice perfume holder will elevate your bathroom and make it feel so feminine and chic. Here are some great ones:

Adorable Tissue Holders

This is such a change to your bathroom but will make such a difference if you have a certain theme you have in your washroom. For example, if you have a super neutral bathroom, a hot pink tissue box probably won’t look so good so having a nice tissue holder that fits your bathroom theme will make sure that your space looks cohesive and all fits together.

I’ve found some adorable tissue holders that will make your bathroom look a lot more expensive:

Fancy Toilet Brush Holders

One of my least favorite parts of any bathroom is the toile brush and holder in the corner behind the toilet. I think they’re so ugly and gross and cheapen any bathroom.

But if you can find simple, chic, modern toilet brush holders, it makes your bathroom look a lot more clean and luxe with minimal effort and with barely spending any money.

Here are toilet brushes and their holders that will make your bathroom look so fancy and put together:

Statement Shower Curtains – Cute Bathroom Accessories

Fun, statement shower curtains are such cute bathroom accessories that make any bathroom so much more lively and full of character. I personally think there are very few bathroom accessories that have as much of an instant effect as statement shower curtains.

Shower curtains are so personal and you can tell a lot about a person based on the type of shower curtain they have – whether its bright and color or subtle and soft and what print they have it and if there’s any texture.

I have found soo many incredible shower curtains, I linked them all below. I know there’s a lot of them but I just wanted there to be options for everyone. I think you’ll love these as much as I do!

Cute Toothbrush Holders

The things you’ll have on your sink affect the way your bathroom looks so much, mostly because it’s one of the first things you see when you walk into it. If you want an adorable bathroom, you need cute bathroom accessories like cute toothbrush holders that will be right on your sink and be one of the first things people will see when they walk into your bathroom.

I found chic toothbrush holders and I also found amazing bathroom accessory sets that would make your entire sink space look cohesive and on theme.

Fancy Trash Cans – Cute Bathroom Accessories

Trash cans are a super subtle and easy way to make your bathroom a lot cuter and more chic. I’m so over the plastic Ikea trash cans that take up so much space and don’t really go with any theme.

These trash cans are small, cute, and come in so many different textures and finishes so there’s something for any theme. Whether your bathroom is super modern or it’s super boho, you will love these:

Fun Bathroom WallPaper – Cute Bathroom Accessories for 2021

I’m a sucker for a good wallpaper print. Like shower curtains, bathroom wallpaper is so full of character and personal and adds so much life to a bathroom.

What I really love about putting wallpaper in bathrooms is that even if you want something super natural and subtle, it can be done. But if you want something loud and crazy and bold then that can be done, too.

Plus, with wallpaper you don’t have to cover the entire bathroom. You can only put it on one wall and it makes for a great statement wall piece.

I’ve found some incredible wallpaper options that I know you’ll love. I’ve already started thinking of ways to redecorate my bathroom because I found wallpaper prints I love so much:

bathroom accessories: wall paper
via Richard Powers

Cute Ladders for Towels

Putting ladders in your bathroom adds a lot of space for towel storage but to be honest, it’s not for every bathroom. While I think towel ladders are such cute bathroom accessories, it’s best for bathrooms that are bigger and have more space because these ladders tend to take up quite a bit of space and if your bathroom is already super small it would only make it look even tinier and more cramped.

If, however, you have a bathroom that is bigger and has more space, then you will love these towel ladders! They’re such a statement piece and I love them. My favorite are the wooden, rustic ladders that will make your bathroom feel a lot more cozy and woodsy.

Here are some towel ladders you need to check out (I added wooden ones but also some more modern options, depending on what your vibe is!):

cute bathrooms

Unique Light Fixtures

Changing your light fixtures is definitely a bigger DIY task than most of the other changes you can make on this list but make such a HUGE difference. Lighting is super important for any space, but especially your bathroom where you’ll be getting ready and all glammed up.

One of the first things people do when they’re getting ready to sell their home but want to increase the homes value is change the light fixtures. Light fixtures make such a difference and will upgrade your bathroom immediately and make it look like you’ve spent hundreds of dollars on it.

You will love these fun light fixtures for your bathroom:

I hope these super cute bathroom accessories help elevate your bathroom and make it look so much more expensive and luxe on a budget! If you liked this article you’ll love this article on the 57 best candles for Fall 2021!

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