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31 Beautiful and Cozy Winter Blankets To Stay Warm Under

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It’s getting cold and I want to do is curl up under cozy Winter blankets and watch Christmas movies. But a lot of Winter blankets aren’t very cute and don’t keep you warm. That’s why this list of cozy Winter blankets is your ultimate ‘stay warm’ guide of 2021 lol!

So if you’re looking for blankets that are warm and cozy but also really beautiful and aesthetically nice to look at, you will love these.

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Cozy Winter Blankets You Need This Winter Season

1. Soft Faux Fur Winter Blanket – $39.99

Faux fur blankets are perfect for Winter (and don’t worry I include a bunch in here!) because they’re super warm and cozy to snuggle under during the colder ones, but are also so beautiful and look so expensive and luxe without actually being ridiculously expensive.

This soft faux fur blanket is less than $40 but looks soo much more expensive.

Love this blanket for the Winter time.

2. Rainbow Colored Wool Throw Blanket – $123.98

This rainbow multicolor wool blanket is so beautiful that I would literally wear this as a shawl.

Made from 100% soft lambs wool, this cozy Winter blanket is super soft and super warm.

Plus, it’s huge so you can put this on beds, on sofas, literally anywhere!

I am in LOVE with this wool Christmas blanket.

3. Christmas Collection Knitted Cozy Winter Blanket – $41.22

Cream and red Christmas blankets, like this one, have a special place in my heart because they’re festive and Christmas-y but chic and stylish.

I can totally picture this throw blanket hanging on an ottoman or sofa couch with the fireplace on in the background and a big Christmas tree with lots of ornaments jingling.

If you want cozy Winter blankets for Christmas time, you will adore this one.

4. Chunky Rainbow Knit Braided Blanket – $30.00

Chunky braided blankets are quite popular for the Winter time but I’m obsessed with this multicolor rainbow braided blanket!

You can decide any color combo you like, but it’s such a fun and unique twist on your traditional cozy Winter blankets – I love it!

If you want something more classic, I’ve listed another knitted braided blanket on this list (and it’s cheaper, too!)

5. Luxury Fox Faux Fur Throw Blanket – $87.99

How STUNNING is this white and black/brown faux fur blanket?

This is a great option if you don’t want a darker colored fur blanket!

I am obsessed with how thick and cozy this blanket looks – not only would this throw blanket be a great Winter staple, but it’s so beautiful that it literally looks like home decor.

6. Peppermint Throw Blanket – $324.56

I am OBSESSED with this peppermint throw!

This blanket is so festive and fun, it’s a great Christmas blanket that looks so chic and elegant.

This hand sewn Afghan is also machine washable and dryable so it’s super low maintenance!

7. Vintage Christmas Throw Blanket – $35.99

How creative is this vintage Christmas themed throw blanket?

This plush blanket is a print of a 1972 needlepoint 8 cent stamp – how cool is that?!

This blanket is so, so soft that a lot of people have said it eels like mink and it’s so creative and unique, no one will have a Winter blanket quite like this one.

8. Tommy Hilfiger Plush Horizontal Ribbed Throw – $49.12

This Tommy Hilfiger throw is a Winter blanket DREAM.

It’s plush faced with a sherpa backing and is so warm and cozy, I bet you’ll fall asleep cuddling under this throw.

I also love the cream color – doesn’t it remind you of snow?

9. Personalized Red Tartan Blanket – $33.05

I love customized and bespoke home decor pieces because they’re just so personal and intimate.

This red tartan Christmas throw blanket can be customized with anything you want on it and not only would it be perfect for you this Winter but it would also be an awesome Christmas gift for friends and family.

10. Modern Christmas Tree Woven Blanket – $95.00

This modern woven black and white Christmas tree blanket is traditional and festive but more subtle and lowkey so it transitions into the early Spring really well and would also be awesome for the Fall.

The fringe on two sides of the blanket is multicolor to add some pops of color which is super fun!

This is a great cozy Winter blanket.

11. Christmas Wool Blanket – $120.34

This wool rainbow blanket is great for Winter because it’s so warm and cozy but also super colorful and fun and will make your Winter days feel less cold and dull.

LOVE this blanket!

12. Woven Knit Throw Blanket with Fringe – $36.99

This classic print is great if you want a Winter blanket that isn’t traditionally Christmas-y, with reindeers and Christmas trees on them.

This throw blanket is super rich in color and non-fade, so no matter how many times you’ll put it in the washing machine, it will always look fresh and new.

It’s warm without being super thick and is great for any space.

If you have a rustic home aesthetic, this blanket would look great!

13. Chunky Knit Braided Blanket – $10.59

Made from luxury Merino wool, this knitted braided blanket is a Winter blanket essential!

These blankets look good on anything – couches, beds, chairs.

Plus, this blanket is super thick so it’ll keep you warm and cozy for all of Winter.

I listed another knitted blanket above but this one is cheaper, so this is a great option if you’re on a budget but want a great blanket!

14. Christmas Santa Blanket – $29.99

How fun and lighthearted is this Santa blanket?

I LOVE the Robins egg blue base color with the white and red Santa on top – it’s really fun and colorful but also really muted and elegant.

This is such a great Christmas blanket!

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15. Chenille Multicolor Throw Blanket – $45.95

This multicolor cozy Winter blanket makes me want to snuggle up on the couch and watch Halloween movies all day long.

Multicolor blankets are really great as home decor pieces because they’re so versatile and can be put in so many spaces and look beautiful – this blanket would look great in darker toned rooms but also in brighter and more neutral colored spaces.

Love how simple and versatile this throw blanket is.

16. Poinsettia and Cardinals Christmas Blanket – $89.95

This Christmas blanket is so perfect for the Winter time because it’s a double lined fleece so it’s super warm and cozy.

It would also transition so, so well into the Spring because of the pink, red, and white color tones. Even though these colors are super Christmas-y, the floral print is so versatile!

17. Organic Cotton Christmas Blanket – $44.91

If you want cozy Winter blankets that are festive and very Christmas-y without being red and green and too obnoxiously festive, this gray and cream organic cotton hand woven throw blanket is for you!

I love how neutral the colors of this blanket are while the pattern and print is quite busy and traditional – it creates an awesome balance.

18. Holiday Sherpa Blanket – $59.99

I love this Winter blanket because it’s super Christmas-y but uses muted, soft colors soit looks really elegant and chic.

Imagine this throw blanket draped over a cream colored couch – STUNNING!

19. Dark Winter Floral Woven Cotton Blanket – $89.00

If you want your cozy Winter blanket to be more elevated and European, then you will love this dark floral tapestry!

This tapestry is super thick and well-made and is great for so much more than just a throw blanket.

You can hang this tapestry, drape it over furniture, and it makes a beautiful gift!

20. Red Reindeer Fleece Throw Blanket – $14.99

I love how colorful and bright this reindeer fleece throw blanket is – it’s perfect for Christmas!

The reason I just had to include this blanket in the list is because I think it looks like a blanket you would find at Urban Outfitters, except it’s a fraction of the price!

21. Brown Throw Blanket with Tassels – $28.99

This acrylic throw blanket is machine washable so it’s really low maintenance while also looking super chic and stylish.

If you live in a warmer place like California, this throw blanket is perfect for you because it’s cozy and warm to cuddle in but it’s definitely not thick enough to keep you warm if you live in super cold climate areas.

22. Moroccan Gray Wool Throw Blanket – $164.99

Now this Moroccan gray wool blanket is the ultimate cozy Winter blanket because it will keep you so, SO warm.

This hand woven kilim has a modern Aztec print and is the perfect balance between colorful and neutral – I LOVE it.

Plus, these blankets are such amazing quality, you will never need another blanket ever again lol.

23. Moroccan Beige Wool Throw Blanket – $139.99

This beige Moroccan wool blanket is just as amazing quality as the one above, but in more neutral colors so it’s super versatile and would fit with literally ANY home aesthetic.

Just by looking at this throw blanket you can tell how well made it is and trust me, they feel just as luxurious and soft as they look.

These wool blankets are PERFECTION.

24. Nutcracker Christmas Blanket – $68.48

It’s so rare finding cozy Winter blankets in feminine colors like baby pink, and that’s exactly why I love this blanket from Etsy.

This baby pink Nutcracker ballerina blanket is 100% polyester and has a plush back lining so it’s super warm and cozy for the Winter time.

LOVE this Winter blanket!

25. Blue Tartan Wool Throw Blanket – $112.99

Tartan and plaid are iconic prints for the Winter season and this blue, red, and yellow 100% new wool blanket is such a fun and unique twist on your traditional red and green plaid prints.

Love, love, LOVE this throw blanket for the Winter time – I can totally picture this hanging off the armrest of a camel leather couch.

So chic!

26. Neutral Rainbow Wool Throw Blanket – $121. 45

I love how chic and elegant this neutral rainbow colored fringe blanket is!

My favorite part is the different neutral shades of each fringe tassel – it makes the blanket look so luxurious and delicate.

27. Natural New Zealand Wool Christmas Blanket – $58.90

This blanket is made from 100% New Zealand sheep wool and you probably won’t find a warmer, cozier Christmas blanket.

It can also be customized in terms of color and pattern!

If you’re looking for cozy Winter blankets, then you need this one!

28. Moroccan Pom Pom Blanket – $45.00

This pom pom blanket can be customized with different colors and it’s surprisingly warm because of how tightly woven it is.

The production process of this blanket is incredible: it’s hand woven on traditional wooden looms from 100% cotton by skilled artisans in Marrakech.

These blankets are luxurious, elegant, thick but lightweight, and so worth the investment.

29. Painted Trucks Holiday Throw Blanket – $29.99

I’m obsessed with how festive this painted trucks throw blanket is – perfect for Christmas time!

This throw blanket looks really beautiful, too, because it’s not obnoxiously festive with gold and green and red all in your face.

The blanket is a beautiful soft cream base with red painted trucks and it’s a great way to incorporate traditional Christmas decor into your home without it looking like Santa threw up on your couch.

30. Eddie Bauer Quilted Throw – $36.99

Patchwork quilts remind me of old rustic home styles so if your home aesthetic is more rustic, farmhouse, and traditional – or even mid-century modern – you will love this patchwork quilt blanket.

The colors remind me of candy canes and this blanket could easily become your go-to Winter quilt to put out for the Christmas holidays.

Plus, since it’s a quilt, you can use it as a duvet on your bed, too!

31. Sherpa Fleece Blanket Throw – $24.99

This throw blanket is festive, fun, and a great Christmas blanket that you can snuggle and stay warm and cozy under.

I hope these festive and cozy Winter blankets keep you warm and snuggly this Winter season! Check out these articles on unique and fun Christmas ornaments you need to try this year and Christmas coffee table must haves!

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