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Closet Organization Products for Better Closets on a Budget

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A clean, neat closet gives me so much inner peace lol. When my closet is neat and organized where everything has a place, it’s so much easier to manage and figure out where everything is, not to mention aesthetically it looks so much more beautiful. These closet organization products will make your closets so much more beautiful and clean, you’ll be hooked like I am.

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Closet Organization Products You NEED in Your Wardrobe

1. Shoe Storage

Shoe storage can completely transform how your closet not only looks but how much easier it is to manage and keep clean.

My mom has a ton of shoes and she would always just throw them at the bottom of her closet, without any proper closet organization. Over the years her shoes became deformed from sitting in piles on top of each other and now they’re permanently misshapen. To avoid this happening to your shoes, investing in shoe storage is really important.

What to Look for in Shoe Storage

Shoe storage is one of the super important closet organization products, but what type of shoe storage is best for you considering there are so many different types of them?

That is completely up to the type of vibe you want in your closet! If for example, you want it to take up very little space in your closet you could buy a big shoe organizer where you can just put each of your shoes in the little cubbies, and have your boots standing straight next to it because the cubbies won’t be big enough for boots.

Or, if you want to display your shoes, you can buy shelves and drill them into your closet walls and put all your shoes on them. This is will lead to holes in your walls since you’ll be drilling the shelves in so be careful about that – especially if you’re renting and you’re not allowed to leave marks on the walls. You can also use sturdy tape, but they have weight limits so you might need to put fewer shoes on each shelf.

Best Shoe Organization Options

1. Clear Shoe Storage Boxes – $39.99

This storage method is really great if you want that takes up little space but still looks presentable and you can still see your shoes.

Clear storage containers are definitely the way to go because they make your space look a lot bigger and they’re less noticeable in your closet.

This 12 shoe pack storage box set is less than $40!

2. Under Bed Shoe Storage – $39.98

Under bed storage is such a great option if you’re short on space. You just keep piling these linen storage containers in your bed until you run out of space and whenever you need a specific pair of shoes you can just pull it out of from under your bed and then tuck them back in.

This storage option is also a great option if you want your space to look less cluttered and chaotic because it just completely hides the shoes from plain sight.

3. Hanging Over the Door Shoe Storage – $11.72

These over the door hanging compartments are so, SO convenient! They take up very little space and will instantly make your closet look a lot cleaner and less cluttered.

The only thing that is a problem with this shoe storage method is that you can’t put in either boots because the cubbies are too small or heavy shoes because it will most likely tear the fabric.

I would recommend using smaller and lightweight shoes for this storage method, like ballet flats or heels.

4. Tiered Shoe Rack – $23.87

If you want to be able to display your shoes but don’t want to invest in shelves, this tiered shoe rack is a great option. You can display most types of shoes on this rack so you can quickly see the shoes you have without having to pull out a container from under your bed or any other storage system that is more hidden.

5. Tiered Shoe Rack – $29.99

This shoe storage rack is clean, chic, and will make any space look so much more aesthetically nice! What I really like about this rack, in particular, is the amount of space for different sized shoes. You can put plats, heels, or even high boots on this rack and it won’t be a problem because of the way the shelves are stacked.

You can also move around the shelves because it’s completely self-stackable so you can customize and personalize it.

2. Hangers

Nice hangers are such an easy way to amp up your closet! If you have the white metal hangers that you get from the dry cleaners as your primary hangers, trust me, you will feel so much more put together and luxurious if you switch hangers.

There’s a lot of hangers to choose from: velvet, wooden, plush, etc. but the one you choose to use is completely up to your tastes and your budget.

Here are some hanger options that will make your closet look more organized, clean, and sleek.

Where to Buy Good Hangers?

1. High-Grade Wooden Hangers – $24.99

Investing in nice hangers will totally elevate your closet and automatically make it look so much nicer. These hangers are a dark wooden color, which would look really great for men’s clothes or if your closet is a darker color.

2. Lighter Wooden Color Hangers – $24.99

These are some of my favorite hangers to use in my closet! I love the color – it’s fresh and bright but looks a lot nicer than white hangers which remind me of tacky costume stores – and they have little divets in them so you can hang camisoles and other slinky tops really easily.

The only thing that is a little frustrating with these hangers is that clothes can slip off them because of how sleek and polished the wood. But that is also one of the reasons I really like these hangers – they look so beautiful in your closet!

3. Black Velvet Hangers – $22.99

I mentioned for the hangers above that the only downside is that sometimes clothes slip off the hanger if not properly put on and here’s the solution for that!

Velvet hangers are so popular and with good reason. Clothes don’t slip off them, they’re super thin so you can a lot of them in your closet, and they look so cute!

My favorite color for velvet hangers is black because most other colors start to look pretty worn out after a few months but black stays looking brand new for so much longer.

4. Satin Padded Hangers – $12.52

These silk padded bow detailing hangers are so cute and romantic! I like having a few of these hangers in my closet for extra special clothes. Plus, these hangers are so great for preserving the quality of the fabric.

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A lot of hangers I have used snag on the clothes and over time it can make your clothes more worn than they actually are but that doesn’t happen with these silk padded ones.

3. A Sturdy Ladder

I can’t believe the number of people who don’t have a ladder in their closet! I don’t about you but I have a lot of stuff on the top shelves of my closet and I don’t want to step on my clothes or other shelves to get up and reach them, so I always have a good, sturdy ladder standing in the corner of my closet for whenever I need to reach something.

Sometimes I even use it for putting on shoes that are too much work to put on standing up lol! So if you’re looking for closet organization products that are essentials, then you need a ladder.

Where to Buy Good Closet Ladders

1. Modern Bamboo Ladder – $109.99

This bamboo ladder is so pretty! Most ladders are very industrial looking and those just don’t look very pretty in a closet. But this bamboo ladder is beautiful and functional!

4. Sunglasses Organizer

A sunglass organizer is so underrated in closet organization. They are functional and look great in your closet and will help keep your sunglasses neat and organized and not get the lenses scratched up.

Where to Buy Sunglass Organizers

1. Sunglass Organizer – $24.99

I love how sleek and simple this sunglasses organizer is! You can slide this tray under any shelf or opening or it would look amazing in a drawer solely dedicated to your sunnies.

2. Lockable Sunglasses Organizer – $30.99

This organizer is really luxe looking and also super compact so it won’t take up a lot of space in your closet or vanity.

3. Sunglasses Rack – $13.97

This sunglasses rack is a great option to keep on your vanity if you want to display your favorite sunglasses or something more aesthetically modern. The clear stand is also very minimal and would look good in every type of closet.

4. Clear Sunglasses Display Case – $16.98

This tiered clear case is awesome to display and organize your sunglasses!

5. Closet Shelf Dividers

Shelf dividers are closet organization products that you never knew you needed! They will make your closet look so much more neat and organized and it also makes your closet look more uniform since all the shelves look the same.

Where to Buy Shelf Dividers

1. Clear Shelf Dividers – $41.99

I love these clear closet shelf dividers because they are so much less noticeable and cluttered looking.

What’s really great about these dividers is that they clamp onto the shelf so the divider won’t move.

2. Clear Shelf Dividers – $78.99

Here are more clear shelf dividers worth checking out! You can find other shelf dividers but I think most of them end up looking really cheap and flimsy. These clear ones are more sturdy and look a lot more expensive.

3. Acrylic Shelf Dividers – $27.99

6. Jewelry Organizer

Jewelry organizers are closet organization products that are a complete essential! My jewelry gets tangled and twisted ALL THE TIME and these jewelry organizers have saved my life.

Here are some you should check out!

1. Hanging Jewelry Organizer – $14.92

These type of jewelry organizers are perfect for necklaces! Necklaces are probably the worst type of jewelry to keep organized because they get easily tangled and twisted and hanging them keeps them all separated and apart.

This stand is also super elegant and classy and will look beautiful in any closet or vanity.

2. Jewelry Organizer Tree Stand – $25.99

This tree stand style jewelry organizer has storage for all your jewelry needs! You can hang your necklaces in the center stand, earrings on both sides, and rings on the base below the necklace stand.

3. Jewelry Organizer Multi-Use – $59.99

This jewelry organizer holds EVERYTHING and has a little mirror at the top so that you can see what you’re putting on.

4. Earring Holder – $29.99

This earring holder is so cute and pretty and will make your jewelry look so much more organized in your closet!

5. Acrylic Compartment – $20.49

You can basically use these compartments for anything like jewelry, makeup, skincare – literally ANYTHING.

I wouldn’t recommend putting your necklaces in these compartments because they will probably get tangled and it will be a mess to untangle, but these would great for rings and earrings!

7. Handbag Organizers

You need these for your closet organization products! Handbags can be really pricey and you want to make sure you’re taking care of them properly and storing them well.

There’s a lot of generic handbag organizers but personally I think most of them look a little dated and cheap. Here are two I found you should definitely check out!

Where to Buy Handbag Organizers

1. Handbag Dust Bags (4 Pack) – $19.99

These handbag dust bags are amazing or your bags! They will preserve the quality (especially if you have leather bags) and look really modern and chic.

2. Over Door Hanging Purse Storage – $29.95

This purse storage idea is really great if you have A LOT of bags and you want them to take up as little room as possible. Just hang them on your closet door and that’s it!

I hope these closet organization products make your closet cleaner, neater, and more organized! Check out these articles on how I got rid of hyperpigmentation quickly and brands like The Ordinary your skin will LOVE.

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