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Top 10 Timeless Christmas Coffee Table Decor You Will Love

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It’s almost Christmas season and that means Winter festive decor is in full swing. One of the best ways to make your home holiday ready is to get Christmas coffee table decor that makes your living room feel like a Winter wonderland.

Keep reading for epic and timeless Christmas coffee table decor that looks incredibly stylish without breaking the bank!

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Must-Have Christmas Coffee Table Decor Pieces

1. Nutcracker Men

I ADORE this idea for coffee table decor.

Nutcrackers are iconic for the Christmas time, and look so luxurious and elegant.

Place these nutcrackers on your coffee table around some garlands, candles, and a bowl filled with ornaments and you have the ultimate Christmas coffee table decor.

Here’s some of my favorite nutcrackers to stand on your coffee table this year:

2. Christmas Coffee Table Books

A really easy and stylish way to amp up your coffee table is with books, and for the Winter season, a great Christmas coffee table decor idea is using Christmas themed books on your table.

Here are some classics that have incredibly beautiful covers (that would look so stunning on your table) and are super interesting to read, too:

3. Coffee Table Bowls

Before we can even get into decorating our coffee table for Christmas, you need to have a good coffee table bowl that will fit in for the Winter and Christmas time.

These bowls are a must-have year round, including Christmas time, because for every season you can put in different things.

If you aren’t sure what type of bowl to get, a safe and chic option is always wood. Wood bowls are classy, timeless, and fit in every home aesthetic from boho to mid-century modern to rustic.

Here are a few coffee table bowls that are perfect for Christmas coffee table decor!

4. Garlands

Most people usually only think of putting garlands on fire mantels and wreaths and if they were to put them on the table it’s usually as centerpieces for the dining table.

BUT, garlands are great to put on your coffee table, too!

One of the easiest ways to do this without it being too in your face is to stuff your coffee table bowl with garlands and then maybe putting ornaments or other festive decor pieces in the middle.

You can find pre-lit garlands or garlands with pine cones already in them and that’s a great option too.

Check out these garlands that would look great as Christmas coffee table decor:

5. Ornaments

If you have some extra ornaments left over after decorating your Christmas tree, a great way to use them is to make them Christmas coffee table decor pieces!

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You can put the ornaments in a large bowl or if you think that would be too much, you can fill the bowl with garlands and then place some ornaments in the center to fill out any gaps.

You could even have them lain across your table on a flatter bowl and put tall candles in between them so that it’s subtlety festive.

Using ornaments as Christmas coffee table decor is great to use up all your ornaments and make your whole home feel super festive and welcoming.

Here’s an article on fun and unique Christmas ornaments to try in 2021, but if you want traditional ornaments instead, here are a few I know you’ll love:

6. Reindeer Table Top Decorations

Christmas coffee table decor is incomplete without reindeer table top decorations.

You can place these reindeer knick knacks on your table and it will instantly make your home feel more festive and Christmas appropriate.

I’ve found these reindeer table top decor pieces in different metals and textures that would add so much depth and character to your living room.

7. Mini Christmas Trees

Another Christmas coffee table decor essential!

Mini Christmas trees are a great way to fill up your coffee table while still being festive and Christmas ready.

I’ve found a bunch of different types of mini Christmas trees that are perfect for any type of home decor and aesthetic.

Check them out!

8. Christmas Candles

One of the best ways to make your home smell and feel like Christmas time is Winter candles!
If you display Winter candles that not only smell amazing but have really beautiful and aesthetic jars, it makes for super practical and pretty Christmas coffee table decor that won’t break the bank.

Here are some awesome smelling candles that would look great on your coffee table:

9. Winter Flowers

Flowers are a coffee table essential and since it’s holiday season and Christmas is around the corner, Winter flowers are the ultimate Christmas coffee table decor that will make your living room sparkle and add a lot of depth to the space.

Here are some short and long flower and plant options for the coolest coffee table on the block:

10. Festive Flower Vases

Now what’s the use of beautiful Winter flowers if you don’t have a festive vase to put them in.

Any vase will do, but especially dark tones and metals, like these ones:

I hope these Christmas coffee table decor pieces make your home fun, festive, and holiday ready!

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