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Celebrity Homes: Why You Need to See J Balvin’s House

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Celebrity homes serve as the ultimate home decor inspo, including J Balvin’s amazing Japanese inspired home in Colombia. Reading Architectural Digest’s piece on his home made me feel so inspired, I felt compelled to post about it! All photos are from Architectural Digest and I HIGHLY recommend reading the piece:

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Celebrity Homes – J Balvin

Seeing the primary Japanese influence makes me want to incorporate light wood into my home and go after a more minimal, clean approach. How EPIC is Balvin’s outdoor area with blackened wood for walls and bonsai trees:

Outdoor space in J Balvin's home, with beautiful dark wooden paneling and scenic views. the ultimate celebrity homes inspiration
Outdoor Space

Though the interiors of his home are impeccable, the emphasis on nature and incorporating nature into his home is probably my favorite part of his home. With floor to ceiling windows, you can see the lush outdoors of Colombia from most rooms and it makes the spaces look and I’m guessing, feel, so relaxed and tranquil. Looking at these images, you can hear the birds chirping and branches rustling in the background.

Wood paneled bedroom with large windows to see the outdoors. Also includes white, plain bed linen for a calm, peaceful vibe.

You see most of the Japanese influence come in the form of light wood paneling throughout the home and this achieves that tranquil, peaceful vibe PERFECTLY. Balvin’s entire home is centered around this wood and makes the home appear much cleaner and cohesive. His hallways are like wood paneled tunnels but in the most calming way possible. Looking at pictures of his home, you can’t help but feel so at peace. So, so far we’ve learned two awesome home designing tips to create a space that is warm and inviting and tranquil: incorporate nature and focus on uniform, light paneling. These two tricks will not only make a space warmer but look more expensive. Plus, such light paneling makes a room look a lot cleaner, even if it isn’t.

Living room with light wood paneling and white sofas and black stools. A dynamic but calming space.  celebrity homes inspiration
Living Room

One tip trick that Balvin used that most other home designers also use to achieve a more tranquil space is white bedding. White bedding is amazing! Not only does it look chic and clean, its also very calming. Just remember not to eat chocolate in bed, and you’re good to go!

Loft bedroom with white bed frame and white bed linens. Includes a statement, nature inspired circle rug with large floor to ceiling windows to let in natural light. celebrity homes inspiration
Loft Bedroom

Key Points to Remember:

So long story short, we’ve learnt three key things from J Balvin’s house in terms of home design:

  • If you’re surrounded by nature, USE IT. Incorporate nature into your home, whether it be hanging local greenery in your home or large windows to always see your green surrounding, use nature in your home design for a calmer feel
  • Light wood paneling is your best friend! There’s a reason that the Japanese swear by it: it’s cohesive and warm and makes any space more welcoming and minimal. Avoid dark paneling though throughout your home, though, it’ll make it look smaller and cramped.
  • White bedding is any easy and sure fire way to make your bedroom look cleaner and more tranquil. Can you imagine going on a peaceful retreat and then going to the bedroom and being bombarded with multi-colored, bright bed sheets? EXACTLY, it makes a space appear more cluttered and hectic and that is a look we do NOT want.

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