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best texturizing sprays for beachy waves
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The Best Texturizing Sprays for Volume: Easy Beachy Waves

It’s almost Summer, and that means easy beachy waves all season long. If you want to know how to get effortless beachy waves that give your hair movement and volume all in one, you need to get these best texturizing sprays for 2022. These are amazing if you have fine, thin hair that needs extra …

how to keep your hair straight after straightening it
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How to Keep Your Hair Straight After Straightening it

I have naturally wavy/curly hair, and I felt like every time I straightened my hair, it stayed straight for about 5 minutes and then went back to being wavy and frizzy. But I changed my hair routine and started using better techniques and products and now my hair stays straight for several days. So if …

how to reduce heat damage on hair
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How to Reduce Heat Damage on Hair: 14 Practical Tips

How do you fix heat damaged hair? Can heat damage be reversed? What products help heat damaged hair? These are just some of the most commonly asked questions on how to reduce heat damage on hair and keep on reading because this article answers these questions and many more. I used to have really damaged …

best hair clips for thick hair
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Cute Claw Clips for Thick Hair (Affordable & Trendy!)

Claw clips became really popular a few years ago when the Y2K trend took off and they’ve been super hot since then, and will stay hot because these hair clips aren’t just trendy, but they’re super practical and make styling your hair fun and exciting. But, if you have thick hair, sometimes it’s hard to …

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Tasteful & Trendy Hair Accessories That You Need (2021)

Hair accessories are such a simple and understated way to elevate your outfit and make you look so much more trendy and put together. These trendy hair accessories are must haves you need in your wardrobe for 2021 that will make every outfit so much cuter! P.S. Shop my favorite products here! Check out these …

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How to Grow Hair Fast: My Hair Grew 5 Inches in Just 2 Months!

If you want to know how to grow hair fast, then you need to start using these hair growth tips because it’s EXACTLY how I was able to grow my hair 5 inches in just 2 months. My hair started falling out and thinning when lockdown first started and using these tips I was able …