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Bridesmaid Sarees: What and Where to Look for Great Sarees

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bridesmaid sarees
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Wedding season is crazy busy and wedding fashion is even crazier! If you’re a part of the wedding party, you’re probably looking for bridesmaid sarees that fit the wedding and look beautiful. But what should you look for in a bridesmaid saree? Where do you find cute sarees for weddings? Keep reading for all things bridesmaid sarees!

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bridesmaid sarees
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Bridesmaid sarees totally depend on your wedding costs. If the bride is buying the sarees, then you have to make sure to stay within budget. If buying the bridesmaid sarees is your responsibility, you want something beautiful but that also stays within your own personal budget.

Your budget will also determine the fabric of your saree, the print, and any additional embroidery or work. We’ll cover those in a bit!


Some weddings have themes and the bride or groom might want you to get your bridesmaid saree according to the theme.

Every theme is different but ask the bride and groom and they’ll tell you what they would want you to wear in terms of color and prints.

Now let’s move onto the fun stuff!

bridesmaid sarees
House of Indi

What Look for in Bridesmaid Sarees

There’s a lot to consider when you’re getting a bridesmaid saree and it can all be a little overwhelming sometimes – especially when you’re trying to find a saree that will make both you and the bride happy.

Here are the main things you should consider when buying a bridesmaid saree:

  • Color palettes
  • Fabric
  • Prints
  • Accessories

Let’s dive in deeper into each of these categories so that you can get a bridesmaid saree that will go perfectly for the wedding and that you can hopefully wear again and again!

bridesmaid sarees

Color Palette

bridesmaid sarees
@weddingcrasherspk on Instagram

The color of your saree is one of the most important things to consider when choosing a bridesmaid saree. You don’t want to show up to a spring, day time wedding in a black saree.

The biggest way to decide what color to wear is by comparing it to the brides outfit colors and if the wedding is during the day or night.

Of course if you choose depending on the bride, the options are endless because it all depends on what the bride wants. If the brides outfit is a champagne color and she wants contrasting colors for the bridesmaids, then pastel colors like baby pink and lilac will be beautiful.

Or, if the brides outfit is red, try golden tones!

The trickier part is deciding what colors to wear if the wedding is during the day or night. If the wedding is during the day you definitely don’t want to wear very dark colors like navy blue, forest green, and maroon. For nighttime weddings the dress code is more flexible and you can wear either dark or light colors.

bridesmaid sarees
@weddingcrasherspk on Instagram

Daytime Weddings

For daytime weddings, check out these colors!

  • Pastels (baby pink, baby blue, mint green, lilac)
  • Champagne and gold
  • Ivory and cream
  • Magenta
  • Yellow
  • Turquoise
  • Bright green

These colors are refreshing, fun, and colorful – perfect for bridesmaid sarees for daytime weddings!

Pastels are definitely the most popular saree colors for daytime events, especially weddings. Pastels are more modern saree colors, so if you want something more traditional try yellow and magenta sarees.

Nighttime Weddings

For nighttime weddings, check out these saree colors perfect for a bridesmaid!

  • Forrest Green
  • Navy Blue
  • Maroon
  • Mustard yellow
  • All the colors mentioned for daytime weddings

Nighttime weddings are great for fashion because you can wear any color and be wedding attire appropriate.

For nighttime weddings, the best part is that because the color palettes are endless, you can wear all the colors you would wear during daytime weddings, too!


Choosing the right fabric for your bridesmaid saree can be tough and depends on a lot of factors like the weather, your budget, and most importantly, your personal taste!

Regardless of cost and weather, make sure that whatever you’re wearing, you feel good in it! This is a special day and if you don’t like the way you feel in your saree, it will show.

The fabric of your saree is really important because different fabrics look very different so you could have the perfect color, print, and accessories but choosing the wrong fabric can ruin your look.

Most Common Saree Fabrics

  • Cotton: comfortable and very breathable; most commonly used fabric type; great for Summer weddings
  • Silk: huge variety (Banarasi silk, Tussar silk); great for traditional sarees; great for Summer weddings; pure silk can be very expensive
  • Chiffon, Georgette, and Crepe: used for ‘modern’ sarees; very feminine; ‘softest’ feel to them
  • Satin: more luxurious and trendy; very popular in recent years; perfect for Summer daytime weddings
  • Velvet: great for Winter weddings; luxurious; relatively new variation of sarees

Use this quick and short summary to decide which fabric is best for your bridesmaid sarees. For Summer weddings, try cotton, silk, and satin. Winter weddings, on the other hand, would be the perfect time to pull out your velvet sarees.

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Silk tends to be the priciest when it comes purely to fabric, but you can find satin and velvet sarees that are more expensive than silk ones, depending on the brand, the print on them, and any embroidery.


bridesmaid sarees
@weddingcrasherspk on Instagram

If you don’t want solid colors for your bridesmaid saree, try prints! Prints are such an awesome way to make your saree standout and fit certain themes.

It’s harder to customize sarees that are printed, because brands only have limited prints that may not suit your taste, but nowadays there’s so many brands doing so many prints, that you’ll definitely find something you love.

In terms of luxury brands, Anita Dongre does incredible summer sarees that you can wear over and over again and they’ll never go out of style.

Here are some of Anita Dongre’s printed sarees from Summer 2020 that are stunning bridesmaid saree inspiration!

bridesmaid sarees
Murina Saree ($260)

Affordable Printed Sarees

Myntra has printed sarees for very reasonable prices if you don’t want to invest in a bridesmaid saree. They currently have a sale going on, so check them out for some great deals!

Craftsvilla also has beautiful printed sarees for great prices, like this brown linen printed saree for 998 INR.

Panash has a great variety of printed sarees, in many different prints and designs that are really trendy.

Nykaa has designer sarees, so they are a little more expensive, but they also always have sales going on, so be sure to check them out, too, for more investment piece sarees. But, even though their sarees are pricier than the above brands, they’re still very affordable compared to designer luxury sarees. This is the perfect place for trendy, budget-friendly sarees.


If you’re wearing a plain saree, but you can only find expensive printed sarees or none to your liking, try accessories! Saree accessories are great ways to make your outfit more fun and interesting with very little effort.

bridesmaid sarees
@fashion_style_weddings on Instagram

If you’re looking for unique and cool saree accessories like waist belts and hip chains, check out Etsy. Etsy has great options, like this saree belt.

Amazon also has great options, like these:

DIY Saree Accessories

If you can’t find any saree accessories you like or the ones you do like are out of your budget, you can totally DIY them! Just use a big necklace and hang it on your waist – or hips if the necklace is long enough. If your necklace isn’t long enough, clip two necklaces together for a longer necklace!

Where to Buy Bridesmaid Sarees

bridesmaid sarees
@thepakistanibride on Instagram

Essentially any saree can be a bridesmaid saree. Which is why most places that sell sarees, will also sell bridesmaid sarees.

Where to Buy Affordable Sarees

For affordable options, check out Myntra and Craftsvilla like I mentioned above. Also, SheBazaar is based in the USA and has a huge variety of sarees.

If you’re willing to splurge a little on your bridesmaid saree, definitely check out Kalki. They have a large variety and all their sarees look much more expensive than they are. Plus, they ship worldwide.

Utsav Fashion also has an incredible range of sarees with great prices – as little as $20!

Here’s a list of MORE affordable sarees!

Luxury designers also have great bridesmaid sarees, because they’re more embroidered and formal – perfect for weddings. Of course, these sarees are much more expensive than the sites I have linked above, but their sarees are stunning and can be worn again and again.

If you can’t afford these luxury designer sarees but want to recreate them, take a picture of the saree you want to your local tailor and have it custom made for a fraction of the price.

Where to Buy Luxury Designer Sarees

I think splurging on sarees is really wise, because they’re investment pieces that last a lifetime. Carma has a great collection of designer sarees, from designers like Sabyasachi, Anita Dongre, and Masaba. Here’s a short list of other brands with designer sarees you have to check out:

Bridesmaid Sarees Inspiration

Here’s some inpso pics for your bridesmaid sarees! Use these pictures to get ideas on what you might want to wear to your bestie’s wedding.

I hope this article helps you find the perfect bridesmaid sarees!

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  2. I really love the Anita Dongre printed saree collection. It shows how beautifully Indian traditional weddings are depicted in this modern culture. Truly a luxury bridesmaid collection. Though slightly a bit expensive, other brands like myntra and craftsvilla do provide a pocket friendlier option. Very well written and informative article provided by you.

    1. Thank you so much! And I completely agree about how beautiful Anita Dongre’s sarees are! They are definitely some of the most beautiful sarees I’ve seen, especially for the summer time. And I was doing a bit of research and they’re actually a lot cheaper than a lot of other Indian designers, but still a timeless, investment piece.

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  6. Thank you so much! And I agree about how beautiful sarees are! They are definitely some of the most beautiful sarees I’ve seen. And I was doing a bit of research and they’re actually a lot better than a lot of other Indian designers, but still a timeless, investment piece.

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