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The Ultimate Bridesmaid Sarees Inspiration for 2020

Bridesmaid sarees have never been so easy! Keep reading for the ultimate saree inspiration for bridesmaids.


Colors for sarees is very easy because virtually any color looks beautiful on a saree! A trendy and beautiful style tip is try to use contrasting colors that will make you look like you like a movie star with minimal effort. For example, my favorite color combinations on a saree and desi fashion in general, is pink and red. Nothing says sexy but flirty and youthful like a soft pink and a fire red, like these sarees by Sabyasachi:

Sabyasachi Pink-Red Benarasi Saree

“The Merchant Princess by Shyamal and Bhumika
Models: Archana Akhil Kumar & Arshia Ahuja; depicting contrasting sarees in the color combinations of pink and red, blue and red
The Merchant Princess by Shyamal and Bhumika

Like the image above shows, blue and red is also a beautiful color combination. In general, most contrasting colors look lovely on sarees.

A classic saree color – especially for the spring and summertime – is YELLOW! Yellow is such a youthful and happy color, and perfect for a bridesmaid. Yellow looks especially beautiful against a tan, making you look glowy and like you’re about to step into a Sabyasachi photoshoot.

Yellow sabyasachi saree
via Sabyasachi Instagram


Sequined sarees are a great way of saying “I may not be the bride, but I’m a VIP” lol. Sequins are perfect for day and night weddings, and especially suitable for a bridesmaid because they’re formal and heavy enough to indicate you’re close to the wedding party, without being so formal that you overshadow the bride. Sequined sarees are also relatively easy to prepare, as you just need sequined or sparkly sparkly and a matching top. Contrasting blouse and skirt for a sequined saree is possible, but sequined sarees are already so loud, it might be overkill. If you do want a contrasting top, though, try finding fabric that isn’t fully sequined, to balance the look! These three sequined Sabyasachi sarees have our hearts:

emerald green sequined sabyasachi saree
Fully sequined emerald saree via Sabyasachi instagram
champagne gold sequined sabyasachi saree
Fully sequined saree via Sabyasachi instagram
partially sequined coral and turquoise sabyasachi saree
Partially sequined saree via Sabyasachi instagram

In the above partially sequined saree, we see a turquoise sequined net saree, balanced by a coral blouse. In this case, the look is perfectly balanced because the partial sequins and contrast top balances together, withouting looking overdone.


Prints are such a fun and colorful way to bring life to your saree and make your outfit more playful and inviting. Nowadays, printed sarees have almost overtaken regular color blocked sarees, with Sbyasachi’s floral printed saree collecton taking over the formal event scene, but florals aren’t the only prints you can wear as a bridesmaid. Sabyasachi took a cool spin on his own floral trend and incorporated darker tones and sequins with abstract floral patterns to create the perfect nighttime summer saree:

Floral printed sabyasachi saree
Floral saree via Sabyasachi instagram

Floral printed sabyasachi saree
Floral saree via Sabyasachi instragram

These darker floral patterns are the ultimate cool girl saree and perfect for the bridesmaid that doesn’t want to look like a cookie cutter wedding guest.

Another faaavorite pattern that is making waves in the desi fashion community is TIE-DYE. Akanksha Gajria spear-headed this desi tie-dye movement and people LOVE IT! It’s trendy and fun and youthful but also put-together and formal. This style of saree is perfect for the fun-loving, young bridesmaid ready to make a splash. Plus, this pattern for sarees is just starting to take-off so if you wear it now, you’ll definitely be the trendsetter in your group of friends!

Tie-dye sequined Akanksha Gajria saree in pink and cream
Sequined tie-dye saree via Akanksha Gajria instagram
Green and cream and blue and cream sequined tie-dye sarees by Akanksha Gajria
Green and blue sequined sarees via Akanksha Gajria instagram

With these saree fashion tips in mind, you’ll be the coolest, trendiest bridesmaid at any wedding!

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