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The Best Texturizing Sprays for Beachy Waves in 2022

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textured beach waves

It’s almost Summer, and that means easy beachy waves all season long. If you want to know how to get effortless beachy waves that give your hair movement and volume all in one, you need to get these best texturizing sprays for 2022.

These are amazing if you have fine, thin hair that needs extra body and volume, or if you have straight hair that you want to add texture and waves to. These sprays are also amazing if you have wavy and curly hair and want products that keep your waves perfectly tousled all day long!

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What Does Texturizing Spray Do?

A texturizing spray accentuates your natural hair type and adds texture and volume to it. If you have wavy hair, a texturizing spray will add more definition to the waves and add texture so it looks like you’ve intentionally curled a few pieces when in reality it’s just the spray.

Texturizing sprays are often used on flat, thin, and straight hair to add beachy waves and volume to hair that lasts all day, looks very effortless, and takes no time at all to achieve.

What to Look for in a Texturizing Spray

  • Hair Type: if you have thin hair, go for texturizing sprays that add volume and body. If you have curly hair, then try curl enhancing products with simple ingredients. If you already have thick hair, go easy on the texturizing spray because it might make your hair look dry and stringy – try using the texturizing when your hair is wet and dry it thoroughly.
  • Fragrance: most texturizing sprays have fragrance (and a lot of it!) so if you have a sensitive, easily irritated scalp, try using a fragrance-free texturizing spray. One of my favorite ways to use hair texturizers that smell too strong is to dilute it with a couple of teaspoons of water.

How to Apply Texturizing Spray

You can apply hair texturizing spray on wet or dry hair, but my favorite way to apply it is on damp, 75% dry hair.

Start by sectioning your hair and spraying the texturizer directly onto your roots as well as on the length of your hair and gently scrunch it for maximum texture. Then dry your hair the way you normally would and finish it off with a few sprays on completely dry hair.

Make sure you start off with less product because it’s always easier to build up and texture sprays are notorious for leaving hair crunchy so use as little as you need to.

When in Your Routine Do You Use Texturizing Spray

Use texture sprays as one of the last steps in your hair care routine.

When your hair is wet, use it right before drying your hair and on non-wash days, roughly style your hair and finish it off with a few sprays of texturizer.

Best Texturizing Sprays This Year

Best Overall

Rahua Enchanted Island Salt Spray

There is a reason this sea salt spray is always sold out!
Not only does this texturizing spray smell incredible, a little bit goes SUCH a long way to build beautiful body, texture, and volume while still giving your hair movement and shine.

This is one of the best texturizing sprays and I always go back to it for effortless, sexy beach waves.

Be careful, though! If you use too much, it can leave a crunchy residue.

Best Budget

Tea Tree Special Wave Hair Texturizer Spray

This budget friendly texturizing spray adds insane volume with only a few spritzes and without any sticky or heavy residue.

It also leaves your hair very soft and silky while still adding texture and volume.

The only downside to this spray is the strong tea tree scent – try diluting it with a little water so the smell isn’t so intense!

If you’re looking for affordable texturizing sprays for beachy waves, this is a must try!

Best Drugstore

OGX Moroccan Sea Salt Spray

This is one of the best drugstore texture sprays that will give you effortless, messy waves that last all day long.

This texturizing spray is really great for very fine hair, too – it gives a lot of body and volume without making your hair feel crunchy and stiff.

Considering it’s less $7, this is an incredible dry texture spray that lasts 12+ hours and washes out very easily.

This is, hands down, one of the best drugstore texturizing sprays for fine hair!

Best for Color Treated Hair

Rahua Enchanted Island Salt Spray

Before I even get into how amazing this texturizing sea salt spray is, I need to take a moment and appreciate how DELICIOUS it smells!

This passion fruit, guayaba, and hibiscus scented spray smells like Summer and I’m obsessed with it!

It’s also great for color treated and wavy/curly hair – you only need a few drops that give your hair texture and like you just woke up with effortlessly fabulous hair.

BUT, if you use too much your hair will feel crunchy so only use a bit – a little goes a long way with this sea salt spray!

Best Scent

IGK Beach Club Voluminizing Texture Spray

Most texturizing sprays I’ve tried smell really good, but this IGK spray is something else – in the best way possible! It’s fresh and sexy and perfect for beach days.

What I love most about this dry texturizing hair spray is that it’s super buildable without weighing your hair down and feeling crunchy.

Best for Fine Hair

Unite Hair Boosta Volumizing Spray

This is one of the absolute BEST texturizing sprays for fine and thin hair because it creates a lot of volume with very little product and it lasts all day!

I have thin hair so I’m used to putting on a volume spray on my roots, having great lift and body for about an hour, and then my hair falling flat BUT this spray keeps your hair looking fresh and full all day long.

Best for Damaged Hair

Drybar 3-in-1 Finishing Spray

This triple sec 3-in-1 showstopper is a dry shampoo, voluminizer, AND texturizer and it’s magic!

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It absorbs any excess oil on the scalp and makes your hair look (and feel) freshly washed while giving it blowout dry volume texture and beachy waves.

Plus, it has UV protection!

Be careful, though, it smells really strong (but delicious, with notes of amber and vanilla).

Best for Curls

Juju Tousle Sea Salt Spray

If you don’t like fragrance in your hair products, you will love this fragrance-free dry texture spray that gives you easy, effortless beach waves without the sticky residue a lot of texturizing sprays leave.

This is one of the best texturizing sprays for beach waves for curly and dyed hair! It’s light, has simple, effective ingredients, and works wonder for frizzy hair.

BUT, this spray isn’t ideal for thin and fine hair – it tends to leave fine hair limp and almost soggy looking.

Best for Straight Hair

Label.m Texturizing Volume Spray

This is one of the best texturizing sprays for messy waves because it gives volume even to the straightest, flattest hair.

It leaves a beautiful thick dry texture to the hair which makes your hair look big, bouncy, and so sexy!

This is a must have for straight, fine hair!

Best for Thick Hair

Unite Beach Day – Texturizing Sea Salt Spray

This is one of my all-time favorite hair texturizing products because it’s lightweight but highly effective.

If you’re looking for lift, body, and tousled beach waves, then this texturizing hair spray is exactly what you need!

I’m in love with that post beach day hair look where your hair looks messy but chic and this dry texturizing spray creates that exact hairstyle on any hair type.

Best for Hold

Shu Uemura Wata Wave Dry Finishing Spray

Every person that I know that has used this dry texturizing spray is in LOVE with it!
The texture this spray creates is so beautiful – it makes your hair look thicker and fuller but still very bouncy – and it’s very buildable.

Sometimes I even use it as a dry shampoo because it gives so much life and body to second or third day hair.

Best for Beach Waves

Ouai Wave Spray

If you’re looking for the best texturizing sprays for beachy waves, then you’ve probably heard of the Ouai Wave Spray.

This spray will add texture, body, and volume to all hair types and is a fan favorite go-to Summer hair product.

If you have naturally wavy or curly hair, you will LOVE this wave spray because it accentuates natural hair texture beautifully without leaving any sticky buildup!

It also lasts such a long time because one or two sprays is all you need to last all day.

Best for Frizz

Paul Mitchell Wild Ginger Texturizing Spray

If you’re looking for a texturizing hair spray, then this hair product is not for you but it is great if you want natural, messy, beachy waves that don’t look frizzy and combat humidity all day long.

Plus, it smells incredible with notes of mango, ginger, and green tea!

My only complaint is that it doesn’t last all day so you’ll probably need to refresh it 2-3x throughout the day.

Best for Dry Hair

Onesta Plant Based Beach Texturizer

This is one of the best texturizing prays for dry hair and especially if you have an itchy, dry scalp.

Infused with organic pineapple juice, this hair texturizer soothes and hydrates the scalp while creating effortlessly sexy beach waves.

It also has organic sea kelp and neptune algae that adds thickness and body to the hair – perfect for thin hair!

Best for Shine

SGX NYC Beachy Texturizing Spray

This medium hold, flexible texturizing hair spray will give your hair the most beautiful soft sheen for Summer!

This texturizer for thin hair adds movement and volume without feeling crunchy and stiff and it’s so easy to brush out at the end of the day.

This dry texturizing spray is affordable and effective!

Best for Volume

Eleven Australia ‘I Want Body’ Texture Spray

This is one of the best hair products for volume and thin hair!

If you have fine, limp hair, this texture spray is a game changer because it adds so much lift and texture, giving the illusion of thicker, fuller hair instantly.

Best Light Weight

Amika Brooklyn Bombshell Blowout Spray

This is one of the best hair texturizers for waves because it’s extremely lightweight (it almost feels like you’re spraying water onto your hair) but gives the most stunning natural wavy texture with so much volume at the roots.

I honestly couldn’t believe how effective this drugstore hair texturizer was – it’s that good!

These are the best texturizing sprays to help you get your dream hair every day! From fine and thin hair to straight and curly hair, these are the best texturizing sprays you need to try.

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