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The 9 Best Oils for Scalp for Instantly Better Hair at Home

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best oils for scalp

A few years ago my hair started changing, and not for the best. My hair began thinning, I was having massive hair loss, and in general my hair felt thin and limp. That’s when I started taking my hair care routine and the products I was using a lot more seriously, and one the best things I did for my hair was start using hair oils on my scalp and hair. Through trial and error over the course of a few years I’ve found the absolute best oils for scalp and hair, and you need to try them for amazing hair ASAP!

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The Best Best Oils for Scalp & Hair

best oils for scalp & hair - jasmine oil

Jasmine Oil

Jasmine oil is amazing for your hair and is so underrated for hair! Here some of the benefits of jasmine oil for hair:

  • deeply conditions hair to prevent breakage
  • cleans the scalp and eliminates product build-up
  • soothes dry and itchy scalp
  • seals in moisture to reduce frizz

Jasmine oil is one of the best oils for scalp and is great for dandruff and dry, damaged hair.

jojoba oil

Jojoba Oil

This is one of the best oils for hair growth and with good reason. Here’s what to expect if you use jojoba oil on your scalp and hair:

  • extreme hydration that helps seal split ends
  • rich in vitamins and minerals like vitamin C and E, copper, and zinc
  • strengthens hair making it great for thin fine hair
  • adds shine

Jojoba oil is actually one of the oils I used to grow my hair 5 inches in 2 months and it’s a must-have if you want natural remedies and oils for hair growth and thickness.

marula oil

Marula Oil

Marula oil has recently gained a lot of traction for it’s amazing skin benefits but it’s also amazing for hair, being packed with beneficial amino acids, fatty acids, and antioxidants.

Here are some of the benefits of marula oil for hair:

  • deeply nourishing
  • seals hair cuticles and prevents dryness and frizz
  • antioxidants help repair hair damage
  • doesn’t weigh hair down because of non-greasy formula

This is one of my favorite moisturizing oils for scalp and is great for an easy hair oil treatment!

I love to massage it into my scalp, wash my hair, and then put a little bit of marula oil on the ends of my hair after heat styling because it’s very light weight and doesn’t make my hair feel greasy or heavy.

castor oil

Castor Oil

Castor oil is one of the absolute best oils for scalp health and hair growth.

If you want your hair to grow quickly, start doing bi-weekly scalp massages with castor oil and you will see rapid hair growth.

Here are some of the other benefits of castor oil for hair:

  • moisturizes scalp (perfect for dry scalp!)
  • reduces dandruff
  • has amazing antioxidants and is great for inflammation
  • helps with eczema on scalp

Castor oil is the best natural oil for hair growth and promotes healthy hair!

rosemary oil

Rosemary Oil

Rosemary oil is such an underrated natural hair oil and deserves way more recognition as a healing herb that is a great home remedy for almost any hair problem.

Benefits of rosemary oil for hair:

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  • anti-inflammation
  • improves scalp circulation
  • promotes hair growth
  • prevents hair loss
  • good for dry and itchy scalp
  • prevents premature graying

This is one of the best oils for scalp massage and always makes my scalp feel fresher and cleaner after using.

neem oil

Neem Oil

Used very commonly in the Eastern part of the world, neem oil is a hair care must in every girl’s routine and it’s often called the ‘universal healer of all ailments’.

Rich in fatty acids, vitamin E, and calcium, some of the benefits of neem oil for hair include:

  • reduces inflammation of scalp
  • great for getting rid of dandruff and lice
  • eliminates frizz
  • promotes healthy hair growth
  • seals hair cuticles to prevent dryness and split ends
peppermint oil

Peppermint Oil

I started using peppermint oil on my hair a year ago and was so surprised by it’s amazing results.

The cooling sensation of menthol made my scalp feel very fresh and it helped so much with my dry scalp that sometimes looks like it’s dandruff when really it’s just dry itchy scalp.

Here are some more benefits of peppermint oil for hair:

  • improves blood flow and is often used for hair loss
  • stimulates blood circulation of skin to improve hair thickness and density
  • reduces inflammation
  • balances pH levels of scalp
argan oil

Argan Oil

One of the best oils for curly hair, argan oil has been a hair care essential for years!

Argan oil has been for almost every hair problem, including breakage, split ends, and heat damage.

Here are some incredible benefits of argan oil for hair that will make it a must-have in your hair routine:

  • moisturizes and conditions scalp
  • gently exfoliates scalp to remove build-up
  • soothes dry and itchy scalp
  • protects from sun damage
  • promotes hair growth and reduces hair loss

This natural oil is often called liquid gold and trust me, it is!

grapeseed oil

Grapeseed Oil

Grapeseed oil is so great for hair that I literally always have an extra bottle on hand.

An incredible antioxidant that moisturizes and nourishes hair while also being lightweight, grapeseed oil is one of my all-time favorite natural oils for hair.

If you weren’t already convinced by how great it is, here are a few extra benefits of grapeseed oil for hair:

  • adds shine
  • hydrates scalp
  • promotes hair growth
  • protects from UV damage
  • smoothes split ends
  • prevents itchy flakey scalp
  • non-greasy and doesn’t weigh down hair

How to Use Hair Oils on Your Hair and Scalp

I have been oiling my scalp and hair for years, and here’s the easiest way I’ve found to do it:

  1. Put all the oils listed below or that you choose to use in a bottle and shake well to make sure all the oils get mixed together.
  2. The two most important places to put oil in your hair is the scalp and the ends of your hair. But if there is one part of your hair you MUST be oiling, it’s your scalp.
  3. For oiling your scalp, make sure to massage the oil into your scalp, in circular motions for at least 5 minutes. Massaging your scalp has been shown to promote hair growth and make the hair that does grow, to grow in thicker.
  4. For the ends of your hair, rub the oil in the palms of your hand and coat the ends of your hair thoroughly.
  5. If you want to hydrate your hair shafts, as well, then use about 3 to 4 tablespoons of the oil mixture on the length of all your hair, using your palms and fingers to even distribute the oils.
  6. You can keep this oil mixture in your hair for as long as you like, just make sure it’s at least 30 minutes.
  7. When you’re washing the hair oils out, make sure to shampoo at least twice because otherwise residual oil will stay in the hair and make your hair very greasy. If your hair tends to get greasy very quickly, then here’s a guide on how to stop your hair from getting greasy. It’s how I was able to go form washing my hair every other day to once a week.

I like to make a mixture of all the oils in a bottle and use it altogether but if you prefer, you can do this exact same process with just some of the oils or even just one or two to start off with.

I hope these best oils for scalp and hair make your hair journey easier and more effective!

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