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The Best Christmas Wrapping Paper That’s Fun, Festive, & Affordable

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It’s officially holiday season and that means Christmas is right around the corner. Even before you open your presents you see the wrapping and there’s no better way to a make good impression than the best Christmas wrapping paper that will make you excited to open the present.

So here’s the best Christmas wrapping paper you need this holiday season that is fun, festive, and affordable so you won’t break the bank on all your favorite Christmas decor.

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Best Christmas Wrapping Paper for 2021

1. Pomegranate Wrapping Paper – $15.00

I have never seen wrapping paper like this before!

This pomegranate wrapping paper feels like a maroon dream – it’s dark and cozy and feels so festive without being explicitly Christmas-y.

Love, love, LOVE this wrapping paper idea for Christmas.

2. Blush Pink Nutcracker Gift Wrap – $20.00

Nutcrackers are a Winter classic and this blush pink gift wrap makes a Winter tradition a lot more feminine and girly.

It also comes in a tube so you won’t have creases, which will make putting them on your gifts so much easier and more beautiful.

This is my type of Christmas gift wrap!

3. Rustic Dutch Watercolor Wrapping Paper – $12.00

I am OBSESSED with this rustic Dutch inspired Christmas wrapping paper.

I love the soft Spring colors with the pop of red and blue.

This is such a luxurious and elegant Christmas wall paper option and I think you’ll love it as much as I do!

4. Penguins Winter Pattern Holiday Gift Wrap – $5.50

Cream and red is such an elegant Christmas color combo and this gift wrap proves it.

This penguin Winter themed holiday gift wrap is the perfect Christmas gift wrap for any and all presents.

Love this one!

5. Black Winter Animal Gift Wrap – $15.00

This black Winter animal gift wrap is so festive and perfect for this holiday season.

From woodland brushes to polar bears to elk, this gift wrap is so fun and cute and it’s perfect for wrapping kids presents!

6. Woodland Holiday Christmas Wrapping Paper – $13.50

You can’t pass up this Christmas wrapping paper.

From woodland twigs and branches to mushrooms, this gift wrap is fun, colorful, and such a cute and lighthearted twist on your traditional woodland holiday gift wrap.

7. Pole Dancer Wrapping Paper – $4.07

If this pole dancer wrapping paper doesn’t make you smile, then I don’t know what will.

These pole dancers with Santa hats are a great Christmas wrapping paper option if you want something light, funny, and super memorable.

8. Black & White Snowflake Gift Wrap – $2.81

I can’t believe this gift wrapping paper is only $2 – it looks so expensive and luxurious!

Want something minimal and simple this Christmas? You will LOVE this!

9. Citrus & Mulled Spices Gift Wrap – $29.99

One of my all time favorite Winter and Christmas decorations is dried citrus and this gift wrap is like the chicest, most stylish take on your winter mulled spices and citrus.

This gift wrap ideas is one of my favorite for this year!

10. Brown Sugar Plum Fairy Wrapping Paper – $10.00

How beautiful and elegant is this brown sugar plum fairy wrapping paper?

The ballerina nutcracker duo is a Winter classic and is so festive and heartwarming.

I think you’ll ADORE this gift wrap.

11. Colorful Ornament Holiday Gift Wrap – $5.40

This colorful ornaments holiday gift wrap reminds me of Andy Warhol’s art and is perfect for your more artsy friends!

Christmas has never been this eccentric.

12. Winter Blue Birds Wrapping Paper – $29.00

This Winter blue birds and boughs wrapping paper is whimsical, festive, and so elegant.

This would be the most amazing Christmas wrapping paper for presents for your mom and dad – it’s fun but also so beautiful!

13. 18th Century French Textile Wrapping Paper – $14.48

Rustic, earthy wrapping paper like this is great if you want something more traditional without being boring.

The colors are so festive and Christmas-y, it would fit any Christmas tree aesthetic.

14. Skeleton Gift Wrap – $12.99

How fun and kooky is this skeleton Christmas wrapping paper?

This is an awesome monochromatic option with the festive pop of red with the hats.

I love gift wrap like this – it’s fun and lighthearted but still on theme.

15. Chinoiserie Toile in Pink Wrapping Paper – $27.00

I love this pink wrapping paper!

Even though there isn’t anything specifically Christmas-y about this gift wrap, it’s a great universal wrapping paper that’s perfect for any event.

16. Fox Print Gift Wrap – $8.95

How cute is this fox printed gift wrap?

It’s printed on thick, luxurious gift wrap paper and just glides on your gifts.

This gift wrap will make you smile!

17. Twerking Christmas Wrapping Paper – $5.00

Here’s something bright, colorful, and a little cheeky that would be the perfect wrapping paper to use for close friends and family!

Silly and festive!

18. Naughty or Nice Christmas Wrapping Paper – $6.00

This naughty or nice gift wrap is perfect for couples – it’s cheeky and fun and will make opening Christmas presents so much more intimate and fun.

Love how simple but personal this gift wrap is.

19. Christmas Houses Wrapping Paper – $22.50

This Winter Christmas houses wrapping paper is so festive and fun without being your traditional Christmas gift wrap that is so overdone and boring now.

Love this simple twist on a Winter classic.

20. Navy Christmas Nutcracker Wrapping Paper – $13.97

This gift wrap is the perfect balance between quirky and traditional.

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This paper is the ultimate modern Christmas dream – from nutcrackers to unicorns to little fairy mice to fluffy Christmas trees.

The artwork is fun and unique but also classic.

LOVE this wrapping paper!

21. North Cardinals Gift Wrap – $7.00

This north cardinals gift wrap is luxurious, decadent, and looks like a million bucks!

I would totally use this for my parents Christmas presents – it’s so beautiful and elegant!

22. Berry Greenery Pine Gift Wrap – $29.99

Berry greenery is one of Winter’s most classic plants and this gift wrapping paper takes that traditional piece and gives it such a fun and Summery twist.

I love how this wrap is both super Wintery and super Summery.

23. Gingerbread House Wrapping Paper – $9.95

How sweet and wholesome is this gingerbread house wrapping paper?

I could totally imagine presents wrapped in this stunning gift paper under a fun, modern Christmas tree with lots of pink and purple ornaments.


24. Cedar Pine Tree Wrapping Paper Roll – $10.48

This cedar pine tree gift wrap is earthy and rustic and would look great if you have a traditional Christmas tree theme – this wrap would look amazing under a traditionally decorated tree!

Love this outdoorsy and simple gift wrap for the holiday season.

25. Deer Christmas Wrapping Paper – $7.01

This gift wrap is perfect for anyone!

Whether you need gift wrap for friends, family, husbands, girlfriends, this deer Christmas wrapping paper is universal and so, so chic!

26. Vintage 1950s Christmas Wrapping Paper – $6.99

This vintage 1950s Christmas wrapping paper is a fun twist on your classic Santa Clause theme and I’m so here for it!

Plus, how adorable does this Santa look!

27. Pink Christmas Nutcracker Wrapping Paper – $13.97

Normally when we see Christmas themed decor it’s in darker colors, which makes this baby pink pink Christmas nutcracker gift wrap even more fun and exciting.

This is such a cute gift wrap option for all the girls in your family!

28. Rust Merry Christmas Pattern Wrapping Paper Sheets – $5.00

Looking for wrapping paper that’s rustic, warm-toned, and earthy?

Then this rust colored wrapping paper is the one for you!

Wrap your gifts with this and some twine and you’ll have the most beautiful rustic Christmas decor.

29. Purple and Black Christmas Gift Wrap – $12.14

I’m obsessed with this purple, blue, and black galaxy print Christmas themed gift wrap.

This gift wrap is so fun, I can totally picture this under your tree if you like unique and fun Christmas decorations!

I love how unique and different this print is.

30. Blush Pink Gingerbread Peppermint Gift Wrap – $20.00

I don’t know what it is about these blush pink Winter gift wraps, but I’m OBSESSED.

Using such feminine and soft colors on classically Christmas and Winter decor pieces gives such a beautiful twist on something traditional.

Gift wrap like this is timeless but also so trendy.

31. Rustic Winter Wrapping Paper – $9.95

Rustic, traditional, fun – you can’t go wrong with this Christmas wrapping paper idea!

The neutral, dark tones are really warm and cozy and make me want to curl up in front of the fireplace and take a nap.

A Christmas classic!

32. Woodland Pine Reversible Glossy Gift Paper – $9.49

How fun is this reversible plaid glossy gift wrap for the holidays?

I love how it’s dual toned – so unique!

Plus, the woodland brushes and plaid are so traditionally Christmas themed, it’s perfect for your Winter holidays.

33. Oh Christmas Tree Pink Wrapping Paper – $19.00

How adorable is this pink Christmas wrapping paper?!

If you’re looking for wrapping paper that is festive and fun but still super girly and feminine, you will love this!

If you have a lot of girls in your family, this is such a great wrapping paper option!

34. Home Alone Wrapping Paper – $13.45

Considering Home Alone is a Christmas classic, this wrapping paper is ICONIC.

If you want something super fun and festive for your Christmas presents this year, you will love this!

35. Christmas Ornaments Gift Wrap – $4.00

This gift wrapping paper is colorful, festive, and so affordable!

You get 29 inches by 20 inches for only $4.00!

This is such a great Christmas wrapping paper option if you’re on a budget.

36. Forest Pine Gift Wrap – $29.99

This gift wrap is STUNNING!

There’s different earthy tones like green, olive, and aqua and it makes this gift wrap feel so whimsical and peacful.

It’s also super thick and heavy duty so you don’t need to work about it tear over weirdly shaped gifts.

You’ll love this one!

37. Nutcracker Gift Wrap – $12.50

Nutcrackers are a Christmas staple and this light, watercolor Christmas wrapping paper is soft and muted but so beautiful and festive.

This gift wrap would look so pretty under your Christmas tree!

So elegant and chic!

38. Winter Village Holiday B&W Gift Wrap – $14.40

Black and white gift wrap is a always a good choice, especially if you want your festivities to feel minimal and simple.

I LOVE how the art on the gift wrap looks like scribbles and sketches, reminds me of Roald Dahl illustrations.

I hope these Christmas wrapping paper ideas make your Winter holiday season a lot more festive, fun, and filled with love!
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