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The Best Body Oils: Get Soft, Glowing Skin ASAP (Proven!)

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When it comes to the best body oils available on the market, I’ve tried and tested A LOT and shortlisted these 15 amazing ones that are great if you’re looking for body oils for dry skin, want soft and glowing skin, want a rich moisturizing oil that’s great for the Winter, and everything in between.

I used to get the worst dry, chapped skin after showers (probably because I like to take boiling hot showers) and these are the best body oils that helped me moisturize and soften my body without it feeling greasy and sticky. Plus, they smell incredible, too!

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The Best Body Oils for Dry Skin

1. Jo Malone Velvet Rose & Oud Body Oil

This dry body oil from Jo Malone is ridiculously great.

It’s light, not sticky at all, absorbs into the skin immediately without feeling greasy, and smells INCREDIBLE (it’s the best smelling body oil I have ever used!).

It’s definitely pricey, but so worth the splurge.

2. The Body Shop Thai Makrut Lime Firming Oil

Not only is this Thai makrut lime firming body oil super fresh smelling, it’s an amazing massage oil that hydrates, softens, and firms the skin.

This dry body oil feels so decadent and luxurious, it’s a treat after showering.

Plus, how cute is the bottle?!

3. L’Occitane Neroli & Orchidee Hair & Body Oil

This is one of the best body oils for after showers – it’s silky, moisturizing, and smells like fresh laundry and flowers.

What’s even better is that you can use it on your hair – I love running it through the ends of my hair while it’s still damp.

4. Nuxe Multi Purpose Body Shimmer Oil

It’s almost Summer, and this multi use body oil is one of my favorites for the warmer months.

If you want body oils for glowing skin in Summer, you need to get your hands on this golden shimmer that you can use on the face, body, and hair.

It literally sparkles on the skin under the sun!

5. Clarins Tonic Body Treatment Oil

Clarins never disappoints and this tonic body oil is no exception.

This is one of the best body oils for dry skin: it has hazelnut oil, omega 9, and vitamin E, and was specifically formulated to firm and tone the skin, especially stretch marks.

Not only is this body oil incredibly hydrating and moisturizing, it doesn’t stain clothes – I drench myself in this after showering and there’s no residue.

6. Kiehl’s Creme de Corps Dry Body Oil

This is a simple and classic dry body oil that softens, hydrates, and nourishes the skin.

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If you have dry skin, then this is great if you feel like most moisturizers aren’t hydrating enough.

7. Elemis Cellutox Active Body Oil

Packed with sea buckthorn, sea fennel, and juniper, this body oil targets cellulite, and has the most refreshing lemon scent.

If you’re looking for a body oil that is anti-aging, then give this baby a try!

8. Eminence Apricot Body Oil

Formulated with apricot kernel oil, not only does this body oil smell delicious, it’s also really hydrating and great for glowing skin.

9. Nativa Spa Plum Body Oil

If you want a natural, moisturizing body oil, you have to try this plum one that has quinoa drops to boost hydration.

Get ready for soft, supple skin even in the Winter time with this!

10. MoroccanOil Dry Body Oil

Looking for the best body oil for extremely dry skin? Look no further!

This dry body oil from MoroccanOil is ultra hydrating, moisturizing, and softening. It has argan, olive, and avocado oil and is intense hydration in a bottle.

Massage it into the skin after showering and you’ll have baby soft skin all day long!

11. Anastasia Beverly Hills Shimmer Body Oil

This is the ultimate Summer shimmer!

It has chunky glitter in it that’s perfect for long beach days, and it leaves your skin silky soft.

12. Farmhouse Fresh Citrus Cilantro Body Oil

My favorite thing about this citrus and cilantro body oil? It absorbs into the skin so nicely without feeling sticky or greasy, and it still leaves the most beautiful and subtle shine.

13. Yves Rocher Traditional Nourishing Oil

This bottle of goodness is ultra hydrating, ultra moisturizing, and great for the hair, too!

The ingredients in this body oil are so natural that you can even use it as a hair mask before washing it – it’s 97% pure monoi oil from Tahiti!

14. Aveda Beautifying Body Oil

Packed with jojoba and rosemary oil, this body oil seals in moisture after your shower and leaves the skin buttery and soft all day long.

15. Makari Argan & Carrot Body Oil

This is a great body oil for all skin types, but it’s especially great if you get dry, itchy skin in the Winter!

It’s also great for fading dark spots and hyperpigmentation.

These are some of the best body oils I have ever tried, so if you’re looking for an oil for dry skin that needs moisture, softening, and glow, you have to try these – I think you’ll love them just as much as I do!

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  2. […] The Best Body Oils: Get Soft, Glowing Skin ASAP (Proven!) […]

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