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Beautiful and Aesthetic Coffee Table Books I’m Currently Obsessed With

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I am OBSESSED with coffee table books. If you feel like your coffee table looks bland and boring, throw on a couple of books and voila! you’re living room automatically looks so much more luxurious and homey. I’ll show my favorite aesthetic coffee table books that are great both for making a splash to your table as well as some books that are great to be layered on top of.

All of the books in this article are great for reading but also have incredibly beautiful hardcovers so they’ll look amazing on your coffee table.

These aesthetic coffee table books aren’t just beautiful to look at, but are also really interesting so they’re great conversation starters with guests. I know you’ll love these books as much as I do!

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Dior Glamour: 1952-1962 – $89.68

Hardcover fashion books are PERFECT if you’re looking for aesthetic coffee table books because they’re beautiful, interesting, and usually come with monochrome front covers so they’re great for layering on top of other books.

Since this book has a great B&W cover, it will look amazing in any living room! It’s also about 14 inches long, which is a great coffee table length because it’s big enough to be put on top of other books or stand alone as the main coffee table book but it’s still small enough to not take over your entire table.

This hardcover Dior coffee table book is a collection of all of Dior’s iconic dresses from the 50’s and 60’s and includes iconic celebrities, like Audrey Hepburn.

If you’re into fashion and home decor, this coffee table book is a must have for you!

Gustav Klimt. The Complete Paintings – $47.14

Oh my gosh, this coffee table book covers all of Gustav Klimt’s most famous paintings and it is INCREDIBLE.

Not only is the cover so fun and bright and would make a great statement coffee table book, the book itself is a piece of art and is so interesting, your guests would love it!

You can display this book on a table with it’s beautiful cover or you can open to a page with your favorite painting and have the book displayed open on the table. I love doing that with books that are both beautiful and interesting. The inside of this book is just as beautiful as the cover.

It’s also about 14 x 10.5 inches – a great coffee table book size!

This book is a must have.

Soul of the Home: Designing with Antiques – $30.99

Not only is this a great coffee table book but it’s perfect if you’re looking for home decor and interior design tips. This book shows you how decorate your home with antiques without your home looking like a museum from the 1800s.

This hardcover has a relatively neutral cover so it’s great to put on your table and layer with more statement books.

Books like these are perfect if you’re looking for aesthetic coffee table books because their covers are busy enough to catch your eye but not so busy that they’re a statement piece.

The dimensions of this book are: 9.5 x 1 x 11 inches.

The Fashion Book – $37.49

How STUNNING is the cover of this fashion book that covers over 500 of the most iconic fashion creators and muses. Not only is this hardcover the ultimate inspiration book for fashion girlies, but it’s a thick, color statement coffee table book that will command attention in any living room.

This book would be such a great pop of color on your table and is great if you’re looking for aesthetic coffee table books.

Plus, it’s a best seller!

The dimensions of this coffee table book are: 10.4 x 2.13 x 11.85 inches – the length and width are of a standard coffee table book but it’s a lot thicker than most so it’s a great statement book for any space.

Vivienne Westwood: The Complete Collections (Catwalk) – $55.17

If you have a very feminine living room, this hardcover Vivienne Westwood book would be perfect for edging it up a little while still being girly and cute.

This book covers 40 years of catwalk photography and is so fun to flip through and get fashion inspo from. Like the fashion book, above, it’s super thick so it would make an awesome statement coffee table book.

That’s one of the best tips I have learned about decorating coffee tables: if you want a statement book on a table, choose either the height or the length to be thick because if it’s both the book becomes too overwhelming and big for a table. This book has a thick height but is pretty standard sized otherwise, so it’s the perfect coffee table size.

I LOVE how this book looks on tables, you have to get this one.

Audrey: The 50s – $45.00

Audrey Hepburn was and still is one of the world’s most iconic fashion figures and this hardcover covers her most iconic fashion moments on and off movie sets.

I love looking at old Hollywood fashion and celebrity life back then and this book is perfect for that.

I could literally spend hours just flipping through this book and staring at the different pictures of Audrey.

If I were you, I would open up a page which has beautiful photos on both sides and display that on the coffee table – it’s such a chic way to display your coffee table book.

Tom Ford 002 – $121.50

Just the cover of this Tom Ford second volume is so beautiful and perfect for any coffee table aesthetic.

The best part about this hardcover is that it’s black and white, so it will literally fit any vibe, theme, and aesthetic in your living room and go well with any other coffee table books on top of or below it.

Personally, I would use this book as the main statement book on the coffee table because it just looks so chic and luxe.

This is a coffee table book must have – you will love it!

The Stylish Life: Tennis – $48.81

This book is such a great addition – not just as an aesthetic coffee table book but also as an interesting sport and fashion book.

I would highly suggest this book to everyone – it was so surprisingly interesting, I constantly flip through it and just stare at the pictures.

Plus, the photos in the book were chosen with so much care and thought.

And this book isn’t just about tennis as a sport but also covers the social, glamorous, fashionable parts of tennis with photos from iconic and renowned photographers.

I would describe this book as the ultimate lifestyle book – I bet you’ll be as obsessed with it as I am.

Valentino: Themes and Variations – $41.97

How stunning would this hardcover Valentino fashion book look on your coffee table. This book screams aesthetic coffee table books – it’s bright, fun, feminine, and a great statement book that doesn’t feel overwhelming or too in your face.

Not only is the cover stunning, but the entire book has pictures of Valentino’s haute couture fashion pieces and the themes used in their creation so the entire book is a work of art.

I can totally picture this on top of a clear coffee table with this book on top of a couple of white and black monochrome books – so chic!

When I’m looking for coffee table books, the first thing I look for is a beautiful cover and this book is visually so mesmerizing – I’m obsessed!

This book also has great coffee table book measurements: 9.4 x 1.3 x 12.2 inches.

Architectural Digest at 100: A Century of Style – $103.00

This hardcover interior design and home decor and architecture book is nothing short of INCREDIBLE.

If you are looking for aesthetic coffee table books that are also very inspirational and informative, you NEED this Architectural Digest at 100: A Century of Style book.

It covers the most iconic and best homes covered by Architectural Digest and includes homes from international celebrities like Barack and Michelle Obama, David Bowie, Michael Kors, and David Hockey.

Flipping through this book is such a special experience and it’s perfect for your coffee table.

The architecture and homes included in this book are so stunning and interesting that even though the book itself is such a great coffee table book I would open up to a really beautiful two pages (which is basically all of them) and display the book opened on top of a bunch of other more neutral coffee table books.

Love, love, LOVE this book!

Fashion, New Edition: The Definitive Visual Guide (Smithsonian) – $27.52

Just the cover of this fashion book covering over 1,500 costumes from around the world is so beautiful and aesthetically pleasing that it would make the coolest coffee table book if you want something that makes a splash and catches your eye.

Imagine this hardcover on top of a bunch of neutral and black books – obsessed!

The book talks about all things fashions and covers famous trendsetters, icons, and designers including Balenciaga, Queen Henrietta Maria, Jackie Onassis, and Jean Paul Gautier. It also talks about the biggest trends from different decades like the Jazz Age.

Looking for aesthetic coffee table books? Found just the one!

Chanel: Collections and Creations – $24.00

How beautiful, delicate, and elegant is the cover of this Chanel fashion book. I can imagine this on any coffee table, the white and dark brown/black cover is so versatile and sophisticated.

The spine of the cover is also black and white says ‘CHANEL’ so it’s a great coffee table book that looks chic, elegant, and so luxurious.

It’s also a really big, coffee table book size at about 10 x 11.3 inches.

Petal: A World of Flowers Through the Artist’s Eye – $37.00

Oh my, how beautiful and feminine is the cover of this floral themed book? It’s so dainty and soft but also colorful and in your face that I think it would make the perfect coffee table book.

Books like these are great for any table or consul because they add so much character and life to even the most simple and plain tables. You could literally have this book and then one underneath it so elevate it a bit and voila! you have a stunning coffee table design.

Vanity Fairs 100 Years: From the Jazz Age to Our Age – $62.99

This is a great aesthetic coffee table book because it’s monochromatic – black goes with every style of home decor: boho, modern, mid-century modern – and because it’s big and LOOKS like a coffee table book. Sometimes even if the book is a hardcover, it’s so small that it looks silly on a coffee table, but this Vanity Fair book is large and in charge lol!

This is a staple coffee table book option that will never go out of style.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art: Masterpiece Paintings – $48.40

Art books are such great aesthetic coffee table books options because they’re beautiful, interesting, and colorful.

And these masterpiece paintings by the Metropolitan Museum of Art is the perfect example of that!

What I really love about this book is how big it is (9.74 x 2.07 x 13.5 inches) and how commanding and pwoerful the cover looks on a table.

This is an epic coffee table book option – you need this on your table!

Yves Saint Laurent: The Complete Haute Couture Collections, 1962–2002 (Catwalk) – $62.99

You never go wrong with a hot pink coffee table book – a classic statement book that can be put on any table and look striking.

This YSL classic covers all of Yves Saint Laurent’s catwalk looks from the complete haute couture collections from 1962 to 2002.

If you’re into fashion or just want a coffee table book that you know will look good on your coffee table, then you’ll love this baby!

Even though pink statement hardcovers are a really popular choice for feminine, modern homes, if you have a more boho home design, for example, a book this bright and hot pink might be a bit too much.

Rose Uniacke at Home – $175.50

Rose Uniacke is one of the world’s most famous interior, furniture, and lighting designers based out of the UK. Her work is so beautiful and tasteful and this hardcover is a look inside her own home.

This coffee table book is definitely a splurge but it’s filled with tips and tricks and ideas for the most beautiful home that you can create all on your own.

Plus, how stunning and simple is the cover? If you want something very soft and simple as a coffee table book, you will love this book!

In Vogue: An Illustrated History of the World’s Most Famous Fashion Magazine – $41.69

A classic black and white Vogue hardcover coffee table – forever iconic!

In terms of aesthetic coffee table books, you can’t go wrong with these Vogue books because they’re timeless and they’ll always look beautiful in your home.

I also love how big this book this, it’s over 12 inches long which means it’s a pretty big book so would amazing as a statement coffee table book.

One of the easiest ways to amp up your home and living room is by using hardcover fashion books because they look very chic and trendy but also never go out of style.

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Pantone: The 20th Century in Color – $35.92

OBSESSED with how colorful and fun the cover of this book about the history of color is. To be honest, the content is meh and if history of color is a topic that interests you, then you’ll love it but I’m more into the cover and how cool it would look on a table.

This book is large so it would be a big coffee table book and add a lot of color and life to the space.

Nothing says aesthetic coffee table books like a rainbow colored history book lol!

Ballet: The Definitive Illustrated Story – $8.76

This hardcover book on ballet is very big (10 x 12 inches!) and only $8!

From the images inside the book to the elegant and sophisticated cover, this is an epic coffee table book that looks so luxurious and chic but is so, so affordable.

This coffee table book is such a steal!

Banksy – $28.49

This book is so cool and will eventually be a collectors piece, in my opinion. It’s all about Banksy’s street work and is a comprehensive collection of his best street art.

Not only is the book itself super interesting and fun to flip through, the cover is so chic and makes for the perfect coffee table book.

Black, white, and pink are some of the most recognizable colors for aesthetic coffee table books and the cover of this one has all three!

This book would look very stylish and trendy on any table and will make your living room feel a lot more elevated and chic.

You will love this one, get it here now.

Prada: The Complete Collections (Catwalk) – $55.13

How beautiful is this Prada hardcover baby blue fashion book on the complete collection of runway looks for the last 30 years.

I love how simple, feminine, and soft this fashion book cover is! It’s so girly and fun, and would look so pretty on your coffee table surrounded by candles and other knick knacks.

With a book this beautiful, I would definitely keep it on top of my pile of coffee table books.

LOVE this one.

Art: The Definitive Visual Guide – $40.03

I mentioned the definitive visual guide to fashion earlier and this edition of the definitive visual guide to art is just as beautiful and fun.

I love this hardcover book because it’s so fun and bright and reminds me kind of pop art.

If you want aesthetic coffee tables that are super bold and are the ultimate statement pieces to display on tables and consuls, then you need this book.

Books like these make for such beautiful decor!

Steven Gambrel: Perspective – $37.90

Steven Gambrel is a world renowned interior designer and this magical book covers some of the latest and greatest homes he’s designed.

I don’t know what it is, but I LOVE flipping through interior design books and using it to spark inspiration. This book is perfect for that – it has so many fun and unique home design ideas that you probably won’t find on Pinterest and Instagram.

What’s really great about it as a coffee table book is the simple and soft cover that makes it great for layering as well the stunning photos inside the book that can be displayed on your table. I love doing that with books that are just as beautiful on the inside as the outside because it allows for awesome conversation starters and adds a lot of character to the table.

Versace: The Complete Collections (Catwalk) – $75.00

Now this is definitely a STATEMENT.

This hardcover Versace complete collection of catwalk looks is exactly what you would expect from Versace – gold, gold, and GOLD.

I think this is such a fun coffee table book that I would literally put it anywhere in my home. I would put it on my bedside table, on my coffee table, on my TV consul – anywhere that I want to make a statement.

And what’s really great about this book is that even though it’s gold and very very in your face, it’s not the tacky kind of yellow gold you see a lot of the time. It’s a muted, luxurious gold shade that looks so expensive and chic – it will definitely elevate any space it’s in.

You have to get this if you’re looking for aesthetic coffee table books.

Tom Ford – $78.70

I don’t know what it is about designer hardcover fashion books but they make for the most magical and exquisite coffee table books and this Tom Ford one is no exception.

I already mentioned the white second edition but this all black one is so, SO chic and sexy that I immediately put it in my cart when I saw it.

I plan on putting this on a glass coffee table with a colorful accent books underneath it (so that you only see the colorful spines of them underneath this one) and making this the star book of the table.

This book is so beautiful to look at it, I think you’ll love it as much as me!

Louis Vuitton: The Birth of Modern Luxury Updated Edition – $87.64

Not only is the cover of this Louis Vuitton book so simple and elegant, but the photos inside are just as beautiful and would incredible displayed on a coffee table.

There’s one photo in the book – it’s a black background with Louis Vuitton written on the top with red and evil-eye looking flowers on it – that would look so cool opened and displayed on the table for your guests to see when they walk by.

This book is a classic aesthetic coffee table book and is great if you love all things fashion, like me.

Bet you’ll be obsessed!

This is Home: The Art of Simple Living – $23.98

This book is such an all-rounder: it’s tastefully made and is filled with budget friendly ways to make the most of your home and make it more YOU.

This back-to-basics guide is great to put on your coffee table and to read and take inspiration from.

The Louvre: The History, The Collections, The Architecture – $52.99

I love how grand and powerful this cover photo is. This book, all about the Louvre, is so interesting and beautiful and if filled with some of the best works inside the Louvre.

Books like these are perfect as aesthetic coffee table books because they look so regal and sophisticated and are great if you want to make your living room more elegant and mature.

Yves Saint Laurent: Icons of Fashion Design & Photography – $31.79

Tell me this isn’t the cutest book cover you’ve ever seen!

Can you imagine how stunning this would look on your coffee table with a couple of candles and pink roses in a clear glass vase?

When I say I’m obsessed with this coffee table book, it’s an understatement!

You need this fun and feminine fashion book in your home ASAP!

Booze & Vinyl: A Spirited Guide to Great Music and Mixed Drinks – $21.71

This book is perfect for your coffee table if you love to entertain.

It’s basically a drinks guide based on different genres of music and it is so much fun to recreate as a group for a party.

Stables: High Design for Horse and Home – $40.49

This book is truly majestic. It basically showcases all these incredible stables and ‘horse houses’ and there is something so comforting and homey about this book – not to mention how incredible the cover photo looks.

The Rihanna Book – $106.99

If you have a feminine and girly home aesthetic, you will LOVE this Rihanna book.

  1. It’s Rihanna so you know the pictures are going to be STUNNING
  2. It’s hot pink and reminds me of Barbie and will be the ultimate statement coffee table book.

David Yarrow Photography: Americas Africa Antarctica Arctic Asia Europe – $95.00

How incredible and powerful is this black and white cover photo! It would so beautiful in monochromatic homes, and is equally stunning on the inside.

Not only is this a great coffee table book, but it would make such a great gift to anyone who is into nature and wild animals.

I’m thinking about gifting this to my dad!

Gray Malin: The Essential Collection – $53.35

This book is kooky and wacky but in the best way possible.

It’s a collection of best selling photographer Gray Malin’s most iconic photos from shoots as well as previously unpublished work.

These photos are so beautiful and fun to look at, even if you don’t want to use it as a coffee table book (even though the over is so cool, it would look great on a table!) I would highly recommend it.

From camels with Hermes blankets on them to the surf coast, this book is so cool!

Dior: Couture – $77.97

How stunning would this Dior couture hardcover black and white book look sitting pretty on your table?

Obsessed with how dramatic and regal this book is.

Eight Homes: Clements Design – $67.50

This home design book covers homes of celebrities and icon and is so fascinating to flip through – it’s like you’re in their homes and stealing all their favorite home design tips and tricks.

I also love how simple and neutral the cover is: it would look great as a statement book as well as for layering.

I actually used the photos in this book for my home inspo board – it’s so full of unique and all different homes and architectures, I bet you’ll feel truly inspired by this one.

Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott – $70.68

In the market for aesthetic coffee table books that are sexy and fun and encompasses all things fashion, glamor, lifestyle, and luxury? Then you will LOVE this book.

I have seen this layered in other peoples homes and I can’t get over how spectacular it is as a coffee table book.

I know you’ll LOVE this one.

Soul of a Nation: Art in the Age of Black Power – $23.64

I came across this hardcover on a whim and it is INCREDIBLE. It covers black artists and their work and it is so interesting and beautiful, and shouldn’t just be a part of your coffee table collection but a part of your classics.

Plus, how beautiful is the cover of this book? Love the all white with the contrasting of brown and pink tones.

Vintage Black Glamour – $55.00

This book is the ultimate cocktail book!

Vintage Black Glamour takes a look at the lives of black women in entertainment in the 19th century that didn’t get the recognition they deserved because of the color of their skin.

Not only is this such an interesting read, it’s also so beautiful and the photos are incredible.

You need this one!

Jean-Michel Basquiat – $36.70

A collection of Basquiat’s most famous works, this coffee table book is so bright and fun and color.

This hardcover screams aesthetic coffee table books and not only is the cover so dramatic and a great statement book for your table, but the photos of his paintings are so stunning that you can display the book opened, too.

A classic!

Mid-Century Modern: High-End Furniture in Collectors’ Interiors – $86.96

I can’t get enough of home decor and interior design books and if you’re the same way, you will love this mid-century modern themed home design book.

A great coffee table book and a great home inspiration read!

I hope these aesthetic coffee table books make your tables look beautiful and inviting. Check out these articles on the cutest bathroom accessories for 2021 and the most trendy and feminine wall prints for your bedroom!

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