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Awesome Christmas Tree Inspiration That Will Rock Your World

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! When I think of Christmas I think of Christmas trees and here is some memorable Christmas tree inspiration to use this holiday season.

I have made a list of 8 Christmas tree inspiration ideas that you will love! It’s not as much as some article that list 100+ Christmas tree ideas but these are detailed, thorough, and include lots of inspo pics and links! I hope you love these trees as much as I do.

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1. Frosted Tree

christmas tree inspiration

Frosted Christmas trees are extra fun because it looks like there is snow on the tree and it makes it feel more festive and cozy.

This type of Christmas tree looks especially great with lots of decorations and ornaments because it looks full and very Wintery. I absolutely love frosted trees and if you’re looking for Christmas tree inspiration, then you have to consider them.

christmas tree inspiration

How to Get a Frosted Tree Aesthetic

Here are some Christmas decor options to help you get the frosted tree aesthetic for this Winter holiday season!

P.S. I’ve also linked some artificial Christmas trees that have frosted branches and are snow flocked for that frosted tree look. I know a lot of people don’t like artificial trees but they’re a great investment because you can use them over and over again and they don’t leave a mess.

2. Rainbow Christmas Tree

christmas tree inspiration

Festive and colorful! Rainbow Christmas trees are highly underrated.

If you want to make your holiday season more fun and exciting this year, then give this tree idea a try.

How to Decorate a Rainbow Christmas Tree

Another reason I really like rainbow Christmas trees is that they look really fancy and elaborate but they are actually much easier than they look.

Basically, all you need to do is like an ombre effect on your tree and buy lots of ornaments of different shades and have then hanging in a gradient effect.

  1. You need to decide what color scheme you want to follow. The most fun palette you can use is bright colors like pink, blue, yellow. Or you could do neutrals, like creams, beiges, and browns.
  2. Buy ornaments that fit your color range. I really like buying ornaments of different sizes and shapes that are in the same shade of a specific color. For example, if one of your colors is pink, then get ornaments in baby pink, hot pink, and fuchsia that are in different sizes and shapes. This will give your tree depth and make it more interesting.

Here are links to ornaments I think you will love!

3. Organize your ornaments on your Christmas tree!

christmas tree inspiration

3. Pink Christmas Tree

christmas tree inspiration

If Legally Blonde was a Christmas tree, it would be one of these pink ones! Pink Christmas trees are so much fun and make any room brighter and more catchy.

Pink trees are also really rare in the holiday season, so if you’re looking to do something different this year, then you should definitely try this.

Of course you can do a monochrome Christmas with any color, but I think pink trees are extra festive and special. Plus, if you’re girly like me, then this is right up your alley!

And if you think a bright pink Christmas tree might be a bit much for you, you can tone it down by using baby pink ornaments and also incorporating more subtle colors like silver, gold, and cream.

Another great idea is using complementary colors that will make your tree pop without it being too much – like putting red ornaments in addition to the pink ones!

christmas tree inspiration
Kylie Jenner’s Christmas Tree

The photo above is Kylie Jenner’s Christmas tree and I LOVE IT! This is a great way to do a pink Christmas tree if you’re afraid it will be too much. Kylie’s tree is frosted with some very big baby pink ornaments in different textures – some are shiny and some are matte. But the entire tree isn’t very pink, and the focus is on all the beautiful lights! I love this Christmas tree idea and I know you will, too.

christmas tree inspiration

This is another beautiful pink Christmas tree idea – it reminds me of candy canes! In addition to the pink ornaments, the extravagant ribbons in pink and red add texture and variety.

Plus, the cherry tree topper is too cute!

Here are links that will make your Christmas tree the perfect pink tree this holiday season:

These pink trees are Christmas tree inspiration galore!

christmas tree inspiration

4. Minimalist Christmas Tree

christmas tree inspiration

If you’re into something more low-key and simple, then this minimalist Christmas tree is just for you.

Minimalist Christmas trees are perfect if you want something that is more subtle and won’t be as noticeable in the house. I don’t know about you, but if you’re anything like my family, you might be a bit of a hoarder lol! And with so many things already in the house, having an extravagant and busy Christmas tree seems way too chaotic and busy.

christmas tree inspiration

How to Get a Minimalist Christmas Tree

It’s kind of ironic to talk about getting the minimalist tree vibe because it’s very simple and the less the better! Here are things that will make your tree feel more simple and subtle:

  • Small Christmas tree lights
  • Pinecone ornaments
  • Few neutral colored ornaments
  • Stick to earthier tones like beiges, creams, and greens that match the color of the tree

Things to achieve this simple yet beautiful Christmas tree:

christmas tree inspiration
christmas tree inspiration

5. Metallic Christmas Tree

christmas tree inspiration
christmas tree inspiration

This is kind of the opposite of the minimalist Christmas tree. If you have a more simple space, then a metallic tree would be the perfect way to jazz up your home!

How to Get a Metallic Christmas Tree

I think the easiest way to get your Christmas tree to look metallic is by getting a frosted tree – like the one I mentioned in the first section – and then added lots and LOTS of Christmas lights and shiny, sparkly, metallic ornaments.

And per usual, here are some links that will help you get the ultimate metallic Christmas tree:

This glamorous and luxe Christmas tree inspiration is a great idea for this holiday season!

6. Ribbons and More Ribbons!

christmas tree inspiration

Ribbons are a great way to decorate your Christmas tree – especially if you’re not that into ornaments.

Sometimes a lot of ornaments can look too busy and ribbons are an awesome way to break up your busy tree.

I love these Christmas ribbons!

7. Classic Red Christmas Tree

christmas tree inspiration

Classic red Christmas trees never get old.

They’re regal and elegant and if you want your home to feel extra home-y, cozy, and Christmas-y, then a classic red tree definitely a good choice.

christmas tree inspiration

If you’re looking for red Christmas decorations, then you’ll love these:

8. Citrus Decorations

christmas tree inspiration

Citrus is a staple in Christmas decor and citrus on your Christmas tree is a great idea!

Another reason to give this tree decoration a try is that citrus orange and yellow looks stunning with forest green Christmas trees.

If you really like earthy tones and decorations, you will love citrus! It just looks so warm and cozy and earthy.

The best way to get this aesthetic for Christmas is to do it at home because buying dried citrus garlands is quite difficult. The best option is to dry your own orange and lemon slices and then pull them through some twine to DIY your own Christmas garland.

I hope this short but sweet Christmas tree inspiration article helps you with your holiday season preparations!

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