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Beautiful and Aesthetic Coffee Table Books I’m Currently Obsessed With

I am OBSESSED with coffee table books. If you feel like your coffee table looks bland and boring, throw on a couple of books and voila! you’re living room automatically looks so much more luxurious and homey. I’ll show my favorite aesthetic coffee table books that are great both for making a splash to your …

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Tasteful & Trendy Hair Accessories That You Need (2021)

Hair accessories are such a simple and understated way to elevate your outfit and make you look so much more trendy and put together. These trendy hair accessories are must haves you need in your wardrobe for 2021 that will make every outfit so much cuter! Check out these articles, too! How I Grew My …

how to properly use a derma roller and sanitize derma rollers
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How to Properly Use a Derma Roller and Sanitize it

Derma rolling has been becoming a lot more popular as people find safe and effective ways of doing it at home. BUT, I’ve seen so many people still using derma rollers and pens incorrectly and this can be permanently destructive for your skin and scalp – depending on where you derma roll. If you want …

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60 Wall Prints for Bedroom: Feminine and Silly (2021)

Finding the perfect wall prints for bedroom can be tough: they’re so personal and add a lot of character to your space so you want to make sure you have the perfect one for you. Finding the perfect wall prints for bedroom is even more difficult because you’re putting them in your room, your sanctuary …

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Affordable & Cute Bathroom Accessories To Elevate Your Home

I feel like most people don’t have cute bathroom accessories because everyone focus on other, ‘more important’ spaces like the bedroom or living room. Bathrooms are so, so important because that’s where you do your skincare routine and where you might get ready and so you want a bathroom that feels inviting and indulgent. Keep …

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57 Most Delicious Fall Scented Candles You Need in 2021

It’s officially Autumn and one of the best ways to get warm and cozy for this Fall season is to snuggle up against the fire and light some incredible Fall scented candles. Candles are a great way to set the mood and especially for Autumn because Fall is the season for all things rich, decadent, …

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How to Look Expensive and Stylish in Cheap Clothes

In the world of fast fashion wear the clothes are cheap and constantly coming in and out of fashion, sometimes our outfits look a little cheap. Okay, fine. Not a little cheap – VERY cheap. Here’s easy ways on how to look expensive without breaking the bank and still wearing your cheap clothes. My clothes …

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Summer Swimsuits for 2021: Unique & Tropical (for any budget!)

It’s almost summer time and you know what that means… SUMMER SWIMSUITS! Here are a mix of high and low summer swimsuits that will fit any budget and always look banging! Summer swimsuits can make or break your summer so you wanna make sure you get ones you really love. Let’s get straight into it …

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Trendy Summer Tops That Will Make You Forget About 2020

It’s almost summer time and now that restrictions are starting to be lifted and people are starting to go out again, we need to amp up our summer 2021 wardrobe with trendy summer tops that will make summer 2021 memorable and fun. Check out these articles, too, I know you’ll love them: 40 Affordable Y2K …

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33 Affordable Wall Art to Make Your Home Look Expensive

An easy and cheap way to add a pop to any space is through wall art. These affordable wall art options will make your home look expensive and so much more interesting on a budget! You will love this list! P.S. check out these articles, too: Amazon Bedroom Must-Haves Closet Organization Products That Will Declutter …