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Amazon Bedroom Decor: 29 Essentials for a Better Room ASAP

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My bedroom is my sanctuary. I spend a lot of time in it considering I have two roommates and we share a teeny tiny apartment so I like to make my space as personal, intimate, and beautiful as it can be. But bedroom decor can be really expensive, so I do a lot of my bedroom decor shopping on Amazon and here are some of my must have Amazon bedroom decor that I guarantee you will LOVE.

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Amazon Bedroom Decor You Need in 2021

1. Sunset Projection Lamp – $29.99

These sunset projection lamps are so popular, I have seen them all over Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok. If you have a bedroom where you don’t get a lot of light, or golden hour doesn’t reach your room, then no worries because these sunset projection lamps reflect a sunset onto your room at any time of the day and look so romantic and totally set the mood.

Sometimes its hard to picture what the lamp will do, so I attached some photos for you to see! Soo dreamy.

2. Wall Projector Clock – $23.99

If you’re anything like me, the first thing you do when you wake up is check your phone.

A lot of the time I tell myself I’m only going to check the time and then not use my phone for at least another hour in the morning. But every single morning I check my phone for the time and then I spend hours in bed scrolling through social media.

If you want to break that habit, then this wall projector alarm clock is PERFECT for you. It projects the time onto the ceiling so when you wake up you won’t have to check your phone and you won’t be as tempted to scroll on your phone first thing in the morning.

This specific projector clock comes with a dimmer, USB charger, battery backup, AND a dual alarm clock in case you’re a heavy sleeper.

3. Bedside Storage Organizer – $13.99

I HATE when my bedside table becomes really cluttered and is overflowing from the things on it. I feel like when my bedside table is busy, my mind feels busy and I feel like I can’t get anything done until it’s all clean and put away.

That’s where this bedside organizer comes in! This organizer can hang over basically anything but is perfect for your bed. This way you have more space for your bedside and you keep all the extras on this organizer, and it’s out of sight and out of mind!

4. Industrial Floor Lamp – $30.49

I’m a sucker for a good floor lamp, especially in the bedroom and this one is AMAZING.

Floor lamps take up less space, but will make your bedroom look so much more put together and elegant. I like keeping mine next to my bed for extra light and as a beautiful gold accessory.

You can also get this lamp in black and silver but I think the gold color looks the most luxurious and beautiful.

This is definitely an Amazon bedroom decor item you need to get.

5. Jewelry Cabinet with Mirror – $101.99

This mirror with built in jewelry cabinets is amazing if you’re short on space! My bedroom is TINY – as in so small that I can’t do lying down butt exercises because I don’t have enough space to even fully lie down on the floor, so this mirror with built in jewelry cabinets was perfect.

This mirror and jewelry storage is a two for one deal and saves so much space.

I have seen a few of these standing mirrors with jewelry space inside but they look really old and not very modern. This one has a sleek, large mirror with not just jewelry hanging storage but even larger pockets where you can put your makeup or other storage. I like to put my everyday makeup that I use most often and my makeup brushes in the larger pockets.

It’s a bit on the pricier side but its such a great investment, I have zero regrets on this purchase.

6. Luxury Pure Linen Bed Sheets – $130.99

This sounds dramatic, but these pure linen bed sheets have literally changed my life.

The price tag seems like a lot but most high quality flax linen sheets are super expensive, and these are actually quite affordable for what you get. These sheets are so soft and luxurious feeling, I get into bed and it’s like melting into the sheets. I have a really hard time sleeping, sometimes it takes me 3 hours to doze off, but these sheets have made sleeping so much fun, I look forward to getting into bed every night.

Also, they get softer the more you wash them, so they launder really nicely. You know how some sheets feel so nice and luxe when you first use them and then the more you wash them the worse they get, it’s the reverse with these sheets!

If you’re willing to invest in nice bed sheets, I guarantee you will not regret this purchase, I know I don’t.

7. Laptop Desk – $55.66

If you don’t have a lot of space in your bedroom, and you end up in bed doing a lot of work, you NEED this bamboo wood laptop desk.

My bedroom is tiny, and I share my apartment with roommates, so I end up working in bed most of the time and this laptop desk has been an absolute lifesaver.

It has a built in fan to keep your laptop from overheating and it tilts up so you can adjust it to the height that is most convenient for you. It even has a little drawer on the side so you can store pens or a charger in there for easy access.

Another really great feature of this laptop desk that I never realized would be such a big deal, is how sturdy it is. It has a lock so the legs of the desk lock and don’t move around. You can also adjust the leg height.

Plus, it looks so cute in your room! Most of the laptop desks I have seen look super industrial and it made my room look a bit like a construction site lol, and that just isn’t my vibe. This bamboo wood one is super bohemian and understated.

8. Shell Pearl Light LED – $36.99

This shell pearl light is less about practical home decor and more about just being so cute and romantic.

The light from the pearl is dimmed and kind of reminds me of the sunset, so when you have it on it just makes your entire bedroom look more romantic and sexy.

This Amazon bedroom decor find will make your bedside table (or wherever you choose to put it!) cuter and more aesthetically beautiful, and the dim light from the pearl is perfect as a nightlight or for whenever you want romantic mood lighting.

9. Velvet Pillow Covers – $14.99

A great way to spruce up your bedroom is with pops of color in your pillows! If you have neutral sheets, add a few fun pillows and your room will instantly look so much brighter and more fun.

I really like velvet pillow covers because they add texture and depth to your space and its a really inexpensive and easy way to make your bedroom look more luxe.

There are also 10 different colors of velvet pillow covers to choose from, so you’ll definitely find one you like.

10. Sea Grass Belly Baskets (Set of 3) – $29.99

These sea grass baskets come in a set of 3 with a small, medium, and large size and they are so, SO versatile.

One, these baskets are beautiful! You could even keep them empty and have them in a corner of your room and they would look beautiful. Two, you can literally use them for ANYTHING.

You can store plants in the basket, which is a great idea because most potted plants have a plain and unattractive base so putting them in these sea grass baskets will make them look more luxe and aesthetically beautiful.

Another great option for these baskets is to put laundry in them or store blankets in them.

11. Decorative Faux Fur Throw Blanket – $16.99

I love using a throw blanket to make my bed look more luxurious – even though this one is only $16 but looks like it could be $600!

12. Bad Habits Neon Light Sign – $59.99

Neon light signs are so fun and a great way to vamp up your bedroom. This ‘Bad Habits’ sign looks really luxe and sexy and would make your room look really expensive.

I’ll link a few more later on, but I think this sign looks the nicest. It has a transparent tube, a detachable lock, and even though its bright and will illuminate your whole room, it’s not to the point of hurting your eyes. I love how dim and sexy the light looks in your bedroom.

13. 2 Tier Perfume Tray – $29.99

One of the easiest ways to make your bedroom look more expensive and luxe is by displaying your cosmetics and beauty products in an aesthetically pleasing way. A great way to do that is displaying your perfumes on a perfume tray!

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This double tiered perfume tray is perfect for putting on your vanity and displaying all your pretty perfume bottles on.

What’s really great about this tray is that it’s thinner and double tiered so it will take up less space on the table and won’t look as cluttered. Plus, it has a little handle on the top so you can easily move the tray around your room without having to take everything off first and then moving it.

14. Natural Dried Pampas Grass Bouquet – $31.95

Dried pampas grass is the home decor must have you have seen EVERYWHERE but didn’t know you needed.

Every aesthetic home has pampas grass because of how versatile and universally beautiful it is. I have seen interior designers with completely opposite styles incorporate pampas grass in their decor because it always, ALWAYS looks beautiful and elegant.

This pampas grass bouquet comes with multiple types of different dried natural flowers to add texture and depth to your bedroom and would look incredible in any part of your bedroom.

15. Lady Back LED Neon Sign – $139.99

This neon sign is sexy, cool, and so much fun – not to mention it’s definitely a talking piece.

Artwork in the form of a neon sign is a great way to spice up your bedroom and nothing says spicing up your bedroom like a neon light sign of a sexy lady lol!

16. Bohemian Plant Hangers – $27.99

Wondering how to save space but still keep your bedroom looking beautiful? Get plant hangers!

Plant hangers save space and they look very peaceful and beautiful. These ones are made from thick cotton string that tassels out at the bottom.

17. Flameless LED Candles – $9.34

I LOVE candles but sometimes it’s a hassle to light them or remember to blow them out.

These flameless LED candles look beautiful, don’t require any work to operate, and the candles already look a little melted which makes them look more worn and romantic.

Keep these all over your room to set the mood and you’ll feel like you’re relaxing in a spa.

18. Mirror Wall Decal – $13.99

This mirrored wall decal is pretty and functional!

Mirrors are an awesome way to make your space look bigger, and this removable, peel-off wall decal is super easy to put onto your wall and will make it look a lot bigger.

I also really like the honeycomb pattern because its different from just a regular mirror and adds a lot more texture to the space.

19. Wakeup Light – $33.98

This sunrise alarm clock is a great way to wake up in the morning if regular alarms either don’t work or are too aggressive, because I don’t know about you but the iPhone alarm sound is traumatizing at this point lol.

This alarm clock is basically like being woken up by nature. You set the time you want to wake up and starting from 30 minutes before you wake up, the light will turn on from 10% brightness to 100% brightness by the time your alarm goes off.

You can also change the duration of time before it goes to 100% brightness if you think 30 minutes is too long.

It also has 7 changing colors to choose from so you a lot of variety in the way you want to be woken up. There’s a ton of other features on this lamp light too – definitely worth the purchase.

20. MultiColor Braided Rug – $73.80

Rugs are an Amazon bedroom decor must-have because they’re practical, beautiful, and really convenient.

I love this multicolor braided rug from India because it won’t dirty easily because of all the colors in it and because of the braiding technique. Even after a lot of wear and tear it will look natural and intentional – which is great if you’re messy and spill a lot, like me lol!

21. Mushroom Lamp – $78.99

The mushroom lamp in the photo is so, so popular and I have been seeing it all over Instagram and Pinterest the last year.

Amazon has an awesome dupe for a fraction of the price, so if you want a trendy mushroom lamp, then I would totally recommend this one instead of spending thousands on a designer one.

22. ‘Sweet Dreams’ Neon Light Sign – $39.99

If you couldn’t already tell, I really like neon signs in bedrooms lol.

This one is so cute and sweet and would perfect over your bed.

23. Flower Floor Pillow Cushion – $23.99

These flower pillow cushions are so cute! These are technically floor cushions, but you can throw them on your bed for a pop of color and it looks adorable.

I also really like using them as floor cushions the way they were intended because sometimes its really therapeutic to sit on the floor and work, and this pillow has the perfect amount of cushion and sturdiness ration to make it comfortable sitting on hard surfaces.

LOVE this pillow, totally an Amazon bedroom decor must have.

24. Cable Management Box – $33.99

This is an Amazon bedroom decor NEED. I usually have the most cables in my room from laptop chargers to phone chargers to chargers and cables for god knows what else.

I used to try and put them in my bedside table drawers but they became really cluttered and I felt like all the other things I had in that drawer would get pushed back to the bottom of the drawer. This cable management box organizes all your cables and keeps them hidden in this sleek wooden and white box.

Your cables are hidden away and organized in a cute container that you would never guess was hiding a bunch of ugly cables lol.

25. Mini Square Ottoman – $43.99

How adorable is this mini square ottoman!

I think you always need a little chair or stool in your bedroom, not just to sit on but sometimes it doubles as a little extra spot to quickly throw things on and it just looks so cute in your room.

26. Sunflower Neon Light Sign – $103.99

This neon sign is so colofrul and fun, it just makes me want to smile!

It would be perfect in your bedroom and will bring a lot of color and brightness into it.

27. Scented Candles – $18.49

Candles are a great way to make your bedroom feel more personal and intimate and it’ll make being in your just that much more relaxing, especially with these candles in the scents lavender and amber and sandalwood.

28. Trinket Glass Box – $12.90

I love having a lot of these little trinket jewelry boxes in my room to use as storage for all the little knick knacks I have in my bedroom.

This trinket box is cute, simple, and would look great in every bedroom.

29. White Ceramic Vases – $29.90

Vases are great to keep in your bedroom if you have flowers in your room. Earlier I mentioned the pampas grass flowers that are Amazon bedroom decor must haves and they would look adorable in these vases!

I like how minimal and simple these vases are because they will go with any room aesthetic and won’t make your space look cluttered or messy.

I hope this list of 29 Amazon bedroom decor must haves gives you shopping inspiration! Check out these articles on how I grew my hair 5 inches in just 2 months and the best products I have ever used for hyperpigmentation and dark spots.

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