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40 Affordable Y2K Amazon Fashion Finds You Will Love!

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I don’t know about you, but ever since the pandemic started, all I’ve done is lie in bed and shop online. And from all that online shopping, I’ve found Amazon fashion finds every girl needs in her closet. These Y2K Amazon fashion finds are affordable and will definitely become essentials in your wardrobe. Plus, they’re perfect for the Y2K trend that took over 2020 and is raging on in 2021.

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Y2K Amazon Fashion Tops

1. Vintage Corset – $27.99 – $31.99

Corset tops are all the rage this year – especially if you’re into the Y2K trend that took over 2020. But this burlesque inspired vintage corset top is super wearable so you can wear it everyday but still have your waist looking snatched and teeny tiny.

It also comes in 6 different colors so you’ll definitely find one you love. Check it out here for $27.99! This corset is a perfect Y2K Amazon fashion find!

2. Lace Crop Top – $11.49 – $13.68

This basic but fun lace crop top is much cheaper than if you bought it from Bershka or Zara, but just as good!

There’s also dozens of different colors and prints available from the same seller which is super convenient.

3. Cropped V Neck Knit Sweater Top – $7.88 – $20.77

These sweater vest tops scream Y2K! Personally, the over-sized sweater vests that were all over Instagram were cute but they weren’t really my vibe, I prefer something more fitted and cropped and this vest is PERFECT for that!

Here’s a few similar ones I think you’ll love as much as I do!

4. E-Girl Brown Mesh Crop Top – $16.25 – $17.38

Brown is SUCH an underrated color and this adorable mesh crop top is the perfect example of this. Y2K Amazon fashion is actually really good and this top shows it!

This top is so cute and adorable (especially with the frills and bow in the middle) and is super affordable compared to the other Y2K tops I’ve seen online.

5. Oversized Knit Sweater – $24.99 – $29.99

This oversized knit sweater is trendy, comfy, and super affordable! It also comes in four different colors: black, baby blue, mint green, and grey.

If you want the Y2K vibe that’s been all over Instagram lately, then you need an oversized knit sweater, like this one.

6. Brown Lace Crop Camisole – $11.98

Major, MAJOR Y2K vibes with this sexy, brown lace cami!

7. Mesh Corset Top – $19.99 – $23.99

This mesh corset top gives me major House of CB vibes, but for a fraction of the price.

It also comes in five different colors!

8. Backless Velvet Halter Top – $6.99 – $14.99

If you love the outfits that Maddie from Euphoria wore, you will LOVE this velvet halter top! They remind me a lot of I AM GIA’s clothes, but this is only $6.99 instead of hundreds of dollars.

Like most clothes on Amazon, this halter top comes in so many different colors, but this blue color is extra Y2K. This Y2K Amazon fashion find is funky and retro – perfect for the early 2000’s look.

9. Polo Crop Top – $14.19 – $15.19

I love this polo crop top! It’s a great basic, and reminds me of something Rachel from Friends would wear. It also comes in black!

10. Purple Lace Crop Top – $11.49 – $13.68

I have seen these lace crop tops EVERYWHERE and here’s where you can get them for only $11!

11. Sporty Crop Tee – $9.99

Sporty tee’s like this blue one are very early 2000’s and super flattering! Whenever I wear them, I feel like my waist looks a lot smaller and snatched, I think you’ll love it! Plus, it’s only $9.99.

12. Butterfly Sequin Top – $19.48 – $22.65

I love this butterfly sequin top! This top is totally something you would wear to the club in 2004.

Here’s another butterfly top in a super fun orange color for $16.99! These butterfly tops are the ultimate Y2K Amazon fashion finds!

Y2K Amazon Fashion Bottoms

1. Baggy Printed Jeans – $19.99 – $33.88

These jeans are super baggy and have colorful writing on them. Baggy jeans are very Y2K and if you want the early 2000’s vibe, these are perfect!

2. Zebra Print Flare Pants – $16.99 – $20.99

Love, love, LOVE these zebra print flare pants! You can find lots of printed pants that fit the Y2K vibe, but zebra print is especially Y2K.

3. Colorblock Plaid Pleated Miniskirt – $18.99 – $24.99

This skirt is giving us major Cher from Clueless vibes and I LOVE it! The colorblock print is unique and the pleated details are super flattering on any shape.

This is such a fun twist on your regular plaid skirt – Blair Waldorf would approve!

4. Printed Midi Skirt – $18.15

If you want the Y2K look, then you should definitely get a printed midi skirt. This one’s in a super cute green and white color and kind of has a tie-dye print, which is really trendy this year.

5. Patchwork Jeans – $29.99 – $36.99

Anything patchwork is a great way to get the Y2K style and these patchwork jeans are trendy, cool, and affordable.

If you’re buying jeans and want the early 2000’s look, I would recommend getting jeans that are fitted around the waist and butt and looser on the legs.

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6. Baggy Jogger Pants – $24.99

Sport Spice, who?! These active jogger pants are fun, colorful, and remind me of an early 2000’s music video.

They come in lots of different colors and are only $25!

7. Lace Mini Skirt – $19.99

This E-girl, goth black skirt with ribbon detailing on the sides and a lace trim SCREAMS Buffy the Vampire Slayer and I’m so here for it. It’s also perfect for the low rise trend that is super popular lately.

8. Denim Mini Skirt – $28.99

This flared mini skirt is is Y2K must! It’s cute, flirty, and super girly. The low rise fit and super mini length is very nostalgic of the early 2000’s, too!

9. Velour Track Pants – $37.99 – $40.99

These velour track pants are a lot cheaper than the Juicy Couture ones but give the same vibe. They look super Y2K with a lace camisole and chunky sneakers with some fun accessories like big sunglasses and hoop earrings.

Save your coin and skip the Juicy sweatpants for these ones. What I really like about these sweat pants in particular is the high waisted thick band that makes it super flattering for all shapes and sizes. The thick band will suck everything in and make your stomach look super smooth and snatched.

10. Paisley Bell Bottom Yoga Pants – $10.99

Major boho Y2K vibes in these paisley bell bottoms. These pants are stretchy (so they’re super comfy!) and only $10!

Y2K Amazon Fashion Dresses

1. Lace Camisole Dress – $21.90

I have seen this dress all over Instagram and here’s where you can get it for only $20! Lace is one of the best ways to get the early 2000’s vibe.

2. Long-Sleeve Mini-Dress – $24.99

I love long-sleeve mini dresses – they’re so flattering and it feels like you’re more covered up with the long sleeves to balance the super short length. This lace trimmed mini dress with a thigh slit is sexy, feminine, and girly.

3. Floral Red Lace Mini Dress – $7.99 – $12.99

Another lace mini dress because what screams Y2K like a floral red lace mini dress?!

4. Blue Gingham Mini Dress – $9.99 – $19.99

Major girl next door vibes with this little number. Gingham is a great Y2K print!

5. Black and White Gingham Mini Dress – $17.99 – $23.99

This is a black and white version of the blue gingham mini dress above. It reminds me a lot of something Cher from Clueless would wear.

Plus, the stitching will make your waist look a lot smaller and more flattering.

6. Cheetah and Butterfly Print Strappy Dress – $17.99

I’m sure you’ve seen this dress all over social media, but did you know you could find it on Amazon for only $17.99?

7. Pink and Purple Lace Camisole Dress – $15.99 – $19.99

This lace cami dress also comes in a crop top version if you like the print!

Y2K Amazon Fashion Accessories

While the clothes you wear are important if you want the Y2K look, I think the most important part of your outfit is the accessories. There are certain accessories that fit the early 2000’s vibe perfectly, and here are some of them!

1. Rimless Rectangular Sunglasses – $14.99

Rectangular sunglasses, like these, are perfect for the early 2000’s aesthetic! They are big, bold, and the colorful tinted lenses are super moody.

2. Sunglasses with Rhinestones – $15.99

Rhinestone sunglasses are super blingy and great for this aesthetic!

3. Butterfly Hair Clips – $11.99

These are the same butterfly clips we wore when we were little and guess what, they’re back in style! To be honest, I still have a lot of my butterfly clips from like 2003, but if you don’t, these hair accessories are an essential part of the early 2000’s aesthetic and just look super cute.

4. Thigh High Socks with Bows – $9.59

Knee High Socks – $9.59

Thigh high socks are sexy and fun and perfect for your Y2K outfit if you’re wearing a denim low-rise mini skirt!

5. Butterfly Claw Clips (3 pack) – $13.99

The butterfly clips I mentioned earlier are small ones, but these are big butterfly claw clips that are perfect for the up-do hairstyle that is super popular lately.

These butterfly claw clips are so beautiful and girly, I hope you love them just as much as I do!

6. Sticker Decals – $4.99

These stickers are perfect for sticking on to your phone, laptop, or any hard surface!

7. Fuzzy Bucket Hat – $16.99

Any bucket hat looks pretty Y2K, but especially fuzzy ones like this one!

8. Socks with Lace Trim – $13.55

These socks are very ‘school girl’ and would look perfect with chunky sneakers and a low-rise skirt!

9. Rhinestone Chain Belt – $18.99

Literally every socialite in the early 2000’s would rock these rhinestone belts and they’re back, baby!

10. Cowgirl Rhinestone Studded Belt – $21.95 – $23.95

If you want a belt that fits the early 2000’s aesthetic but the rhinestone belt above is a bit too glitzy or girly for you, then this studded rhinestone cowgirl belt is for you!

11. Leopard Print Furry Bag – $11.99

This bag is super trendy and a huge part of the Y2K aesthetic. Any furry bag, though, would work for this vibe, but I think cheetah and leopard print is best for it.

I hope this list of Y2K Amazon fashion helps you get that early 2000’s aesthetic that is so popular this year!

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