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33 Affordable Wall Art to Make Your Home Look Expensive

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An easy and cheap way to add a pop to any space is through wall art. These affordable wall art options will make your home look expensive and so much more interesting on a budget! You will love this list!

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Affordable Wall Art

1. Minimalist Line Art Prints – $9.90

How chic are these minimal affordable wall art options? These would make any space so much more interesting, for less than $10!

This wall art would be great if you have a neutral theme in your home and don’t want wall art that is really colorful or might make your space look cluttered. You can have beautiful wall art to fill up your wall without it being too much.

2. Japanese Wall Art – $44.99

If you want to add color to any space, these funky and colorful circular 3 piece wall art option is so, so great!

The colors would complement any neutral space and are an excellent talking about. Plus, they’re so fun just looking at them will make you smile!

This wall art is printed on high quality polyester material and has solid wooden frames with a metal screw attached for easy placement on the wall.

3. Neutral Landscape Wall Art – $14.99

This beautiful neutral landscape wall art costs less than $15 but looks soo much more expensive! When I first saw this wall art option I thought it would be too expensive to include in this list but I was shocked that it was only $14.

To give your space a neutral but bright vibe without cluttering your wall this would be an amazing option. It also comes in a beautiful, neutral white frame and the customer service is great! If you have any issues the customer service team is really friendly and helpful.

Such a great affordable wall art find!

4. Modern Abstract Wall Art Prints – $13.99

Need some affordable wall art to spice up your office? I have the perfect art for you! This wall art is affordable, funky, and super modern.

I love the pops of colors with the neutral tones and black – it creates the perfect balance between loud and subdued.

This is also an awesome option if your home is mid-century modern, it would fit in perfectly and is such a steal for the price.

5. Abstract Framed Printed Glass Art – $54.99

Art in glass form is a sure fire way to make your space look super expensive and luxurious on a budget and this stunning colorful glass art piece proves it! For less than $55 you can get this beautiful glass printed art piece with a thicker light wood frame and metal sawtooth hangers in the back for easy placement on the walls.

Such a fun and vividly bright option that will make your space so much more inviting and funky.

6. Sun and Moon Art – $19.99

This bohemian wall art is so peaceful and calming, it would be perfect for a space you want to go to to relax and unwind. They also create great depth in the space and serve as an excellent talking point – all under $20!

What I especially love about these wall art options is that they come in a canvas material which adds a lot of texture to the art and makes it intentionally messy and chill. If you want your home to feel warmer and cozier, this is the affordable wall art for you!

7. Gold Cloud Hanging Art – $26.65

If you want something more glamorous and glitzy, then this affordable wall art that looks like a mix between gold marble and gold clouds would be a really great option.

The colors are very vivid and it looks a lot heavier and more luxe than it actually is, which will make your space look a lot more expensive and put together.

8. Desert Succulent Wall Art – $22.99

The ultimate boho wall art for a great price. This neutral set of 6 will make your space look so much more warm and cozy, you’ll never want to leave it!

I really like that it’s a set of many different pictures because you have so many options for how you display them. You could display them altogether and make a little wall collage or you could put them in different parts of your home and have a lot of art for the price of one!

The options are endless with this set and since the art is quite neutral you could literally put it in any space and it would look beautiful.

9. Modern Tropical Art – $79.97

The color scheme in this modern tropical wall art set is STUNNING. It will brighten up any space without it being too in your face and obnoxious. I also really love the diversity in the art because it adds a lot of depth to the space and makes it a lot more interesting.

The frames are also surprisingly heavy duty and great quality which makes your space look even more expensive and well-made.

10. Mountain Landscape – $17.51

How cool is this 5 piece mountain wall art set? I love that it’s all the same image but just broken up into many pieces – it adds so much dimension to any space.

The colors in this wall art are also really beautiful and would complement most colors very well.

A great option for wall art is to use landscape images because they are a lot more earthy and inviting and makes even the most formal rooms welcoming and warm.

11. Sunset Waves Art – $49.99

I love, love LOVE this sunset wall art. It’s fun, fresh, and so cute!

This sunset art will make any room feel so much warmer and more welcoming and you won’t be able to help but smile every time you look at it.

The colors are neutral but still bright so it will definitely add a pop of color to your space without it taking over the room.

Here’s how it would look on your wall!

12. Abstract Space Art – $12.99

Youthful, simple, and great for any wall.

This affordable wall art would look beautiful in a kids room, a bedroom, or any space you want to make feel younger and more modern.

It’s the perfect pop of color that is still very minimal and muted and won’t make your wall feel cluttered.

13. Minimalist Landscape Scenery – $46.99

OBSESSED with this minimalist mountain landscape wall art. Blue and orange are such beautiful complimentary colors and this wall art proves it.

It also comes with the light oak wooden frames in the photo and light wood is a great way to make your space look so much more expensive.

I can’t think of a space where this wall art would not look beautiful – it’s fun but relaxing and beautiful but understated.

14. Cow in Tub Wall Art – $49.99

Honestly, this cow in tub framed wall art is so freaking CUTE! Plus, it’s the ultimate talking point and I bet whoever comes to your place will comment on it.

This wall art piece is so fun and lighthearted it would look great in a plain space where you want the art to the focal point. I love how the tones and colors of the art are pretty neutral but it’s still loud and bright.

I LOVE this affordable wall art option.

Here’s what it would look like in your bathroom:

15. Minimalist Water Color Leaves Art – $14.39

This minimalist watercolor leaf wall art is really simple and beautiful and a very subtle and tasteful way to spruce up your space.

What I really like that its 6 different but similar pieces so there’s tons of ways you can organize them. If you want you can place all 6 in the same space or you could break them up and put three in one place and three in another or two in one place etc etc.

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If you want something simple and subtle for your room, you will love these!

16. Black and White Forest Hanging Art – $79.99

Major Twilight vibes lol! I really like this black and white forest wall art for a space you want to feel cozier and warm but still strong.

This would also make an awesome gift! You have options for the frame so you can personalize it and it comes with nails for easy hanging.

17. Modern Hanging Art – $39.59

Modern abstract art is a great way to make any space more interesting and fun. This piece does just that!

The art is already stretched and framed so its super easy to hang (and it come with a hanging accessory kit so its extra easy!).

18. Sun Art – $12.99

This piece is so relaxing and peaceful and would make your room look so much calmer and understated.

The mustard yellow sun is bright enough to catch your attention but muted enough to not be in your face and obnoxious.

Here is what it would look like hanging and also propped up against the wall on a table.

19. Abstract Style Art – $79.99

How funky and cool is this 3 piece set of abstract art! I love how different each of the prints is but the colors are complimentary – this way you can put them in separate places but they will still make your space look cohesive and it will all look tied together.

The pieces themselves are quite large, which is great if you only want to use one piece per wall, and that way you don’t need to find other wall art to fill your room up.

20. Minimalist Line Art – $13.99

Minimalist art is very trendy the past few years because of how simple but beautiful and put together it makes a space look. Plus, it looks so much more expensive than it is – only $13.99!

Fill your walls up without them being an eye sore with this minimalist line wall art!

21. Floral Prints and Plant Posters – $15.99

Simple, feminine, and oh so pretty! This delicate floral print collection is so beautiful for any wall in your home and would look especially nice on a colorful wall like the pink one in the photo above.

These simpler more delicate wall art options are awesome if you want art that will make a statement but isn’t too loud. This art will only add depth and character to a room, not take away from it.

22. World Map Framed Canvas – $99.99

World Map art always looks so, so expensive and chic in a home. Your home will look so cultured and well read lol and it just looks so RICH.

I know spending almost $100 on wall art does not sound affordable but considering how expensive world map art usually is, this is a steal!

It also comes with a gold dusted frame which adds to the luxuriousness of the wall art. If you want art that will completely tie your room together, then I would highly suggest this art piece.

23. Botanical Wall Art – $16.99

You can never go wrong with botanical wall art! Fun, fresh, and natural, this wall art option is great to make any room cooler and more relaxed.

The different types of leaves included in each piece is another really great way to add depth and dimension to the space while still being cohesive and a seamless transition from one piece to the other.

24. Koala in Bathtub – $54.99

Kate and Laurel’s animal in bathtubs series is so fun and adorable! They have them for a bunch of different animals and they are all so sweet and great for a space you want to feel more youthful and fun.

Some really great places for this series would the bathroom, a kids room, or a casual office.

25. Neutral Wall Art – $13.99

Neutral wall art, like this semi circle one, is really great for spaces that feel a little empty but you don’t want to drown them in color and art. Then, a simple piece like this one makes the room more full and interesting but still muted and neutral.

Geometric wall art also makes a room look a lot more chic and sleek.

26. Succulent Wall Art – $79.00

This succulent wall art 3 piece set is extra cool and unique because of the geometric shapes they are framed in.

These pieces are definitely statement pieces that would make the most boring rooms into an art installation.

I love how unique and different they are, so they would make great art pieces for more plain spaces where there isn’t too much else going on.

27. Stacked Safari Animals – $49.99

Honestly, this wall art kind of looks like something you would find in a swanky, hipster hotel but I’m really into it. It’s fun, quirky, and super silly.

I think this piece would look epic in a bathroom lol.

28. Black and White Abstract Wall Art – $14.99

I really like this simple black and white 4 piece wall art set. Simple art like this elevates a space without being loud and brings a lot of character into a room on a budget.

Plus, since each piece has a different shape running through it, it makes the art a lot more interesting to look AND it gives the space a lot more depth and dimension.

29. Hand Drawn Organic Lines Art – $54.99

Organic lines are so simple but make for really beautiful, modern wall art that is interesting, unique, but still lowkey and understated.

Art work like this would look great in offices or formal living areas or if you feel like your space is too busy and cluttered, it might even help tone the room down and be less in your face.

30. 4 Pack Abstract Line Wall Art – $10.99

Simple, feminine, and oh so pretty! Here’s a super affordable 4 piece wall art option that will make decorating your walls fun.

I love how each frame is different so you can put them together or separately and it will still look awesome.

The type of paper that these images are printed on are also super thick and are a canvas type material so it feels and looks a lot more expensive and luxurious even though it’s only $10!

31. Modern Hanging Art – $39.59

This color of wall art is so happy and colorful and will brighten up any room.

Plus, it looks so expensive and luxurious, I can’t believe it’s under $40!

This art piece is definitely more of a statement and would look great in a plain space where this could be the star of the show.

32. Color Block Wall Art – $39.59

Color blocking is an awesome way to make any space so much more fun and colorful. These colors are warmer so would make your room a lot more inviting and cozy – especially if you have a very modern looking or plain home, like in this photo.

33. Simple Moon Art – $39.59

LOVE this simple moon and bird canvas art. I really like simple big wall art because it looks so effortless and cool.

These colors are cooler so would amazing in a home that has a lot of white – this wall art would pop against the white walls and compliment them really well.

The contrast between the cream moon and the turquoise sky is also really beauitful and adds a lot of depth to the space.

I hope these 33 affordable wall art options inspire you and make your home cozier and more personal. Check out these articles on how I grew my hair 5 inches in just 2 months and the 10 luxury beautify products worth the splurge in 2021.

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