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Hey! My name’s Abby and this is my lifestyle website. I talk about everything from yummy food recipes to home decor DIY’s and everything in between.

I have spent my whole life moving around and traveling and I hope that my experiences from the places I have lived and visited will help you too!

I’m a full-time student and full-time procrastinator. The things I talk about here are things I’m passionate about and I hope you are too! And if you’re not, I hope reading my articles and posts make you excited about them.

Get to Know Me!

  • I have lived in six countries and LOVE to travel (my favorite cities are Vienna, Austria and Madrid, Spain. What about you?)
  • I love clothes and shoes and jewelry and everything fashion! I get more excited about planning cute outfits for college than actually going to college.
  • I love food and trying out new recipes (even though, tbh, I’m not very good at cooking but pretend like I am)