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2022 Sunglasses Trends You Need to Start Wearing

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Sunglasses are one of my favorite accessories because they can completely elevate an outfit and with a new year, new sunglasses trends are here and I am in LOVE. The last few years the super teeny tiny sunglasses were in, but that’s over now and two major 2022 sunglasses trends are here. You need to check these out to stay stylish and on trend for all of 2022.

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2022 Sunglasses Trends

1. Oversized Sunglasses

To be honest, we’re so new into the new year and it’s been cold the last few months, so not a lot of people have been wearing sunglasses and so not a lot of new sunglasses trends are emerging.

But of the two 2022 sunglasses trends that are definitely here, oversized sunglasses are definitely the frontrunner.

I have seen oversized sunglasses EVERYWHERE and the old teeny tiny sunnies are old news now.

And it’s not just a specific type of sunglasses that are trendy, but any and all oversized sunnies. From cat eye sunnies to big aviators to chunky bug eye sunnies, anything oversized will be extra hot in 2022.

However, the IT print for oversized sunglasses in 2022 is tortoise shell.

I have seen tortoise shell sunnies everywhere and if you want to stay on trend, invest in oversized tortoise shell sunglasses!

Plus, oversized sunglasses are super practical too because they’re actually big enough to keep the sun out of your eyes.

2022 sunglasses trends

Best Oversized Sunglasses for 2022

I’ve found some adorable oversized sunglasses that I will be rocking in 2022, and think you’ll love them, too!

One of my favorite sunglasses brands is Ray Ban because their quality is unmatched and they make trendy sunnies that are still classic enough to be in style for years to come.

I tried finding a variety of brands for this trend, but to be honest the Ray Ban sunglasses I found were the best, and most of the other ones I found looked cheap and very costume-y.

In terms of quality, price, and style, Ray Ban is still at the top of the game for me.

Check these oversized sunnies from them:

1. Ray-Ban Lady Burbank Blue Gradient Sunnies

Love the light blue gradient on these oversized cat eye sunnies that are perfect for the Summer time.

I love how the tortoise shell print is lighter than the print we usually see.

2. Ray-Ban State Street Collection

How cool is the rose colored lens? It contrasts so well with the tortoise shell print.

These are so stylish!

3. Ray-Ban Jackie Ohh Green Sunnies

These sunglasses are timeless and have been popular for years, and with good reason!

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They’re the perfect size: big without drowning your face and looking bug eyed.

I also love the solid green lens – so chic.

4. Ray-Ban Square Sunglasses

OBSESSED with these Ray Ban brown gradient sunglasses – they kind of look like the Dior sunnies that went viral a few years ago except they’re a lot more classic.

2. Rectangle Sunglasses

Rectangle sunglasses are so hot for 2022, and they come in so many funky and cool patterns that there’s somethinf ro everyone.

Rectangular sunnies are a Summer 2022 must have and we’re already seeing the biggest celebrities and influencers rock this trend in the Winter.

Best Rectangle Sunglasses for 2022

1. Ray-Ban Olympian

How cool are these rectangle Olympian sunglasses from Ray ban?

The gold with the green lens is so stylish!

2. Ray-Ban Rectangle 1969 Legend Gold

These rectangle glasses are so stylish and will NEVER go out of style.

You could have bought these 20 years ago and they would’ve been cool and 20 years from now they’ll be cool.

A wardrobe staple!

3. Retro Rectangle Sunglasses

How fun are these funky retro rectangle sunnies?

They come in a bunch of different colors and are so affordable – you can get every color to match your different outfits.

4. Ray-Ban Rectangle 1969 Mirror Evolve

These tinted sunglasses SCREAM Summer and I’m so here for it!

I can totally imagine myself on the beach, sipping on a mai tai with these on.

5. Vintage Rectangle Sunglasses

These rectangle sunglasses are great basics and are so affordable!

To be honest, they’re not the best quality and after being used to the quality of Ray Ban sunglasses, you definitely feel how light and flimsy these feel.

BUT, they’re great if you just want a basic pair of sunnies that you won’t be too fussed about if they get lost.

I hope these 2022 sunglasses trends help you prepare for this years trends and keep you stylish and cute!

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