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2022 Fashion Trends You Need to be Ready to Rock

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We’re about to enter 2022 and that means new year, new trends. If you’re into fashion, then you’re probably always hearing about the newest trends and trying to figure out if they’re ones you want to wear. These 2022 fashion trends are going to be EVERYWHERE next year, are you going to be wearing them?

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1. Matching Sets

Matching sets are going to be one of 2022’s biggest fashion trends because they’re fun, stylish, and super easy to just throw on and have a complete outfit without having to figure out what top goes with what skirt.

I saw matching sets start to become popular last summer and they’re coming in very hot for 2022.

We’ll be seeing matching sets all of 2022.

I’ve linked below some of my favorite sets!

Green Skirt Set

Green is definitely the 2022 – I don’t think I’ve gone into a single store the last month and not seen green fashion pieces all over the place.

This set from Princess Polly is amazing quality and perfect for the upcoming Spring and Summer.

Bec & Bridge Chocolate Brown Set

Chocolate brown is the new black, and this matching silk cut out set from Bec & Bridge is one of the trendiest pieces I’ve seen lately.

It’s sexy, flirty, and perfect for any night time event.

Blue Casual Matching Set

How adorable is this teal blue matching set that is perfect for the Spring and Summer.

This matching set reminds me of Euphoria in a sweeter, more wholesome way lol and I’m so here for it.

Slinky Black Matching Set

This slinky wrap around matching black set is great for date night and summer events.

Cut outs and tie around outfits have been really popular so this set is a great 2022 investment.

White Skirt Set

This white high slit matching set is perfect for the Spring and Summer and can be easily dressed up or down!

2. Platform Shoes

Slinky Wedge Sandal

Platform shoes and sandals are going to be SO hot for 2022 and this is great news for all us short girls out there.

I’m obsessed with my platform wedge sandals because they add so much height and instantly make my outfit dressier.

Platform Boots

Love these faux leather boots!

These are great Winter boots to go out in at night – I’m obsessed!

Platform Loafers

How cool are these platform loafers?

They would look amazing with white socks, a mini skirt, and an oversized sweater.

3. Cut Outs

Cut outs are one of 2022’s sexiest trends and I’ve seen it EVERYWHERE.

We mostly saw cut outs in tops in 2021, but going into 2022 we’re going to see them in dresses most!

I’ve found this adorable cut out mini dress that needs to be in your wardrobe for this Spring and Summer.

Lace Mini Cut Out Dress

I am in LOVE with this side cut out mini dress with lace trim.

The cut outs on the side make your waist look TINY, and the lace trim looks really delicate and feminine.

I know you’ll love this dress!

4. Feathers

If you have any formal event to go to in 2022, the best way to stay on trend is by wearing feathers.

Feather outfits and accessories are starting to be in every store, and it’s going to stay that way for a while!

Jeffrey Campbell Feather Heels

These heels come in a bunch of different colors, but the pink ones are my fave.

Feather Trim Jumpsuit

How elegant and fun is this black feather jumpsuit?

If you want your feather look to be more lowkey and simple, this jumpsuit is a great option.

5. Fashion Gloves

The easiest way to amp up any outfit in 2022 is to throw on a pair of gloves!

Fashion gloves are so hot for 2022, and it’s such a fun and simple accessory that will make your outfit trendy, fashionable, and more formal.

Here are some to check out!

6. Mini Skirts

2022 fashion trends

Mini skirts were super popular the last few years because of the Y2K trend, and are coming in hot for 2022, too.

This little number is so popular that it’s now basically a wardrobe staple.

I’ve found two – one with a slit for something sexy and a staple, basic mini skirt – that are great quality and will last you all of 2022 and beyond.

7. Slouchy Bags

Remember how two years ago everyone was carrying those tiny, micro bags? Well those days are gone because 2022 is all about the big slouchy bag.

Slouchy bags are 2022 fashion trends you need!

Look for bags that are casual, slouchy, and look like you just grabbed them before running out of the house.

The slouchier the better for 2022.

Small Tote Bag

This bag comes in a bunch of other neutral colors and is the perfect slouchy bag that still looks chic.

Knitted Satchel

This is definitely going to be my lazy girl bag for 2022!

Perfect for the spring and summer, this bag is a great day bag and would look ADORABLE as a beach bag, too.

8. Berets

Get ready to look like the chicest Parisian in town with the trendiest hat of 2022.

Berets will be everywhere for 2022 and I’ve already started seeing influencers wearing them on Instagram as Winter hats.

I hope these 2022 fashion trends give you all the inspo for what you want to buy in the coming year!

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