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18 Best Couples Halloween Costumes: Sexy, Funny, and Easy

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It’s almost October, which means it’s officially SPOOKY season! Halloween is the one time of year where you can go all out and get crazy with your Halloween costumes. If you have a significant other, these couples Halloween costumes ideas are perfect for you! They’re sexy, funny, and super easy. Wear any of these couples costumes and I bet everyone will be talking about your costumes for months to come.

The Best Couples Halloween Costumes

1. Morticia and Gomez Addams

This costume idea is super clever and super sexy. Plus, it’s really easy! For Morticia’s look, all you need is a long black dress (if it doesn’t have a slit, you can DIY it and cut a straight vertical line as high up as you want – the higher the sexier!) and dark, sultry makeup. For Gomez, just wear a black suit with a white shirt and black tie, and voila!

This costume is so easy but looks really sexy and looks like you put in way more effort than you actually did.

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner were Gomez and Morticia Addams for Halloween a few years back and they look amazing!

Here’s some ideas to help you put this couples Halloween costume together!

2. Mr. & Mrs. Smith

couples halloween costumes

This couples halloween costumes is from the iconic Mr. and Mrs. Smith with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Not only is this costume sexy, its even easier than doing the Addams Couple costume!

Girls, all you need is a black dress with a slit (again, you can easily DIY the dress by cutting a slit as high as you want) and a black gun strap around your thigh. Finding a strap might be hard, so an easy DIY hack is to take some loose fabric (preferably in black) and tie it around your thigh. If you have a stretchy headband, that would work really well too! Then just put a toy gun into the strap with some black high heels and you’re done!

For guys, it’s even simpler: black trousers, white button down with some of the buttons undone and messy hair. If you have a bow tie, keeping it untied and hanging it around your neck is an added bonus.

Here’s some ideas for your Mr. and Mrs. Smith costume:

3. Princess Jasmine and Aladdin

Disney costumes are always a hit for Halloween. If you can’t think of couples Halloween costumes, try Jasmine and Aladdin. It’s fun and easy and super adorable.

Here’s links to some sexy Jasmine and Aladdin Halloween costumes:

For the AliExpress costume, it probably won’t be the best quality since AliExpress is more of a wholesale site, but it is super cheap and great if you want to just wear it for Halloween night and don’t care if it gets messed up. BUT, AliExpress usually takes a very long time to ship so if you’re ordering your Halloween costume last minute, it probably won’t be there in time. With AliExpress I would order about 2 months before you expect to need it.

If you want to make your costume funnier, just role reverse! Instead of the girl dressing like Princess Jasmine and the guy dressing like Aladdin, the girl can dress up as Aladdin and the guy can be Jasmine. This is a quirky, funny twist on the classic Disney costume.

4. Fred and Daphne

Fred and Daphe from Scooby Doo is an awesome couples Halloween costumes idea. You can make it as sexy as you want depending on the length of your skirt or how low cut your top is, or as conservative you want.

Plus, this costume is legendary. Everyone will know what you’re dressed as without even explaining.

You could buy a Halloween costume for these outfits, but it’s super easy to DIY them, too!

For Daphne’s costume, wear a purple dress with a green scarf around your neck. If you don’t have a green scarf, just wear lots of green accessories like jewelry, bag, or headband. Ideally, you should wear purple boots to complete the look, but if you don’t have them just wear black boots with purple knee-high socks.

For Fred, blue jeans/pants, a white shirt and orange scarf around the neck is all you need.

Fred and Daphne is such a classic costume and always a good choice.

Here are some Fred and Daphne costumes to make Halloween shopping easy:

5. Barbie and Ken

Barbie and Ken costumes are easy and pretty iconic. Everyone will know what you’re dressed as.

What’s really great about these costumes is that you can be as sexy and funny as a you want, depending on how you dress up. Sofia and Scott (left pic) are more sexy, while the couple on the right is more fun and quirky.

I love the right couple’s ‘middle-aged barbie’ and ‘mid-life crisis ken’ outfits, because they’re funny and have a hilarious twist on the iconic Barbie and Ken dolls.

For the look on the right, you’ll need to DIY your box with cardboard and paint, so it’ll definitely be a lot more work. If you don’t want to deal with all the trouble of making a box, do what Sofia and Scott did in the left picture. Just wear very fun, summery colors and outfits and wear blonde wigs for the classic Barbie and Ken hair.

But if you don’t want to deal with DIY’ing your Barbie and Ken costume, check out these Barbie and Ken costume ideas:

6. Santa Claus and Mrs. Clause

This costume is super adorable and can be made super sexy or super conservative.

Plus, who doesn’t love Mr. and Mrs. Clause? It’s fun, classic, and sure to be a good time.

Here’s some costume links for Mrs. Clause:

And here’s some links for Santa Clause costumes:

7. Bonnie and Clyde

Bonnie and Clyde is an awesome couples Halloween costumes idea because it’s popular but a lot of people don’t think of doing it. Plus, it’s sexy in an understated type of way and looks amazing in photos.

Check out the picture of Kourtney Kardashian and Younes Bendjima on Halloween dressed as Bonnie and Clyde. They look awesome!

DIY’ing this costume is fairly easy if you know where to look. For men, a nice slouchy suit with a hat and for women, long pencil skirt in tweed or a similar pattern, with a sweater tucked in and lots of accessories. Accessories include berets, stockings, scarfs, and jewelry.

I love this couples Halloween costume and think it’s easy to do while still looking really cool and iconic.

Here’s some links to easily get this couples Halloween costume!

8. Pilot and Flight Attendant

The pilot and flight attendant costume is legendary and sexy. Plus, it’s a great couples costume. It’s more sexy and cool than it is funny, but it’s a great costume for any party.

Here’s some links to flight attendant costumes:

If you want to know where to find the pilot’s costumes for men, check these out!

9. Team Rocket from Pokemon

This couples Halloween costumes is iconic! Pokemon is so iconic, and the Team Rocket couple Halloween costumes are so underrated.

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If you want a funny and sexy costume, this is a great choice!

And, these costumes are really easy to DIY. Just wear all white with some black gloves, and paint R on your shirt. Then, just some colorful wigs and you’re good to go.

This costume is cheap, easy, and definitely one that everyone will know.

Recreate this costume:

10. Hugh Hefner and Playboy Bunny

couples halloween costumes

Hugh Hefner and a playboy bunny is the ultimate sexy couples Halloween costumes idea. This couples costume is worn every year by a lot of couples, but considering how sexy and fun it is, we can see why.

The top left pic (Isabella Codinach) and top right pic (@juliataylorfit on Instagram) shows that this costume is pretty uniform. For the men, red velvet robes and a pipe. For the girls, fishnets and a playboy bunny costume and bunny ears.

You can find playboy bunny costumes everywhere, but here’s links to a few I think you’ll like if you want to be a sexy bunny this spooky season:

11. Avocado Toast

couples halloween costumes

What’s sexier than avocado toast? This costume is cute, funny, and so memorable. It’ll be hard to DIY this costume, so here are some links to be the yummiest avocado toast on the block:

  • Avocado Costume – $49
  • Avocado and Toast Couples Costume – $33.67

12. Ketchup and Mustard

couples halloween costumes
baaskett_case on Instagram

This costume idea is such a classic, and great if you’re on a time crunch.

If you want an easy and cheap DIY costume for you and your partner, this is such a great option.

Plus, you can make the costume as sexy as you want depending on the outfit you wear.

All you need is to wear all yellow and all red, depending on if you’re ketchup or mustard. An easy hack to get the Heinz logo onto your tops is just to print the logo and then glue it onto your shirt.

Easy, cute, and fun!

Use these options to create this costume easily:

13. Hamburglar and Hamburger

couples halloween costumes
melseykitchell on Instagram

This costume is so clever and fun. Not a lot of couples would think of this costume, which makes it an even better costume idea.

It’s kinda hard to DIY this costume, and if you did try to DIY it, it would be A LOT of work.

Check out these options to save yourself the headache of trying to do this costume yourself:

  • Cape and Mask Costume – $12.98
  • Burger Thief Adult Costume (for men) – $49.99
  • Women’s Burglar Costume – $39.99
  • Burger Costume – $21.99

14. Chucky and Tiffany

This couples costume is perfect if you’re a horror movie junkie. It’s also very easy to recreate – the toughest part is finding the fake blood and toy knife and gun.

Get this couples Halloween costume without having to do all the DIY work:

15. Kid and Pinata

couples halloween costumes

This costume is AMAZING. It’s clever and funny, and super different.

This is a perfect couples Halloween costumes idea because I guarantee no one else will have thought of it.

DIY’ing the pinata dress seems pretty tough but there’s a lot of tutorials online on how to do it if you want to do it at home. Here’s one of those tutorials:

The link above is a short and easy tutorial on making a pinata dress.

If you don’t want t bother with all the hassle of making the costume yourself, here’s an adorable and colorful pinata dress for women:

  • Tipsy Elves Pinata Costume Dress – $54.95

Of all the costumes I’ve covered so far, I think this might take the cake just because of how unique it is.

Most people usually just dress up as the pinata but if you and your partner dress as the pinata and the kid hitting the pinata, it’s clever and cute.

couples halloween costumes

16. Angel and Devil

This costume is a classic. It’s not super creative and there’ll probably be plenty of angels and devils at any party you go to, but it’s sexy and easy – especially if you’re trying to find a costume last minute.

What’s great about these costumes is that it’s up to you how sexy you want it to be. If you want it to be really sexy, then opt for a short white or red dress (depending on if you’re the angel or the devil for the night).

You don’t need to buy a costume for this, because of how easy it is to DIY. The only materials that you’ll need to buy are a halo, pitchfork, and wings for the angel if you want to really go all out.

Here are links to cheap, cute accessories for your devil and angel costume:

  • Angel Kit Costume Accessory Kit – $16.39
  • Angel Wings – $24.99
  • Devil Accessory Kit – $6.99
  • Sequined Devil Accessories – $8.22
  • Fuzzy Devil Costume Accessories – $8.85
couples halloween costumes

17. Dorothy and Tin Man

couples halloween costumes
Tin Man Stole Dorothy’s Heart Couple Costume

The Wizard of Oz is a classic, and so is this costume. You could even do Dorothy and Scarecrow instead of Dorothy and Tin Man, but I think the couples costume with Tin Man is cuter.

You can DIY this costume, but it is a lot of work, so I’ve found some Dorothy and Tin Man costumes so you can save yourself the trouble of trying to do it yourself.

18. Cop and Prisoner

This costume is sexy and fun. Plus, it’s great for an easy costume on little time because you can express-ship the costumes and not have to worry about doing any DIY projects.

For most cop/police officer and prisoner couple costumes, the girl is the cop and the guy is the prisoner, though it would be funny and clever if you switched roles.

In that case, the girl would be in the baggy prisoner uniform and the guy would be in the tight, police officer costume. If you want to make your couples costume funnier and more clever, this is an awesome and hilarious option!

For this costume, it’s hard to DIY it completely so here’s some police officer and prisoner outfit costumes:

Hope these couples Halloween costumes gave you some ideas on some sexy, funny, and easy costume ideas for this spooky season!

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