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10 Luxury Beauty Products You Should Try in 2022

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Luxury beauty products to try in 2021 infographic
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I don’t know what it is about luxury makeup, but I can’t help but indulge in it. I don’t use luxury skincare much anymore and here’s why, but luxury beauty products is another league.

Whether it’s the packaging, formulation, or just how shiny and pretty the products look, I’m a sucker for luxury beauty products. And if you’re anything like me, you will LOVE this list of the best luxury beauty products you need to try in 2021. Oh and btw, the list isn’t in any particular order.

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Best Luxury Beauty Products for 2021

1. NARS Multiple Stick in “Laos” – $31.44

I love thus NARS luxury beauty product.

My go-to daily makeup routine is pretty basic, and this multiple stick is perfect for that because you can use it as so many things.

You can use it as a cream blush and it will make your skin look so dewy and juicy. You can even use it as a lipstick, which I love to do because I think the monochrome lip and cheek look is so soft and flattering.

You can even use this multiple stick as an eyeshadow! This luxury beauty product is so versatile, you’re definitely getting a good bang for your buck.

They also come in a lot of different shades, but I love the shade ‘Laos’. It’s a great pinky-nude and looks so, so good on darker skin tones.

My skin isn’t very tan but I have a naturally yellow undertone and this shade looks beautiful on my complexion so if you have a similar skin tone, give this a try!

2. Clarins Water Lip Stain – $24.00

This is like the liquid version of the NARS multiple stick I mentioned above. Clarin’s water lip stain is so natural and soft and gives your lips (and cheeks! – it doesn’t say its for cheeks on the packaging but I use it on my cheeks too and I love it!) such a beautiful tint.

They also come in really sexy, deep colors which looks a lot more toned down on your skin.

What I really like about this product is that it gives you the ultimate no makeup makeup look. When you put this on your lips, it kind of looks like you’ve been biting your lips a lot and they’re naturally a little more pigmented.

If you’re looking for luxury beauty products, I highly, HIGHLY recommend this one!

3. Guerlain Terracotta Bronzer – $54.00


This bronzer lasts such a long time on the skin and gives the skin a beautiful warm glow.

Of course, you need to make sure you get the right shade depending on your skin tone, but it makes your face look naturally sun tanned.

They have many shades which is surprising for a bronzer, so you’ll definitely find the right shade for you.

4. Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Eyeshadow Palette – $63.70

I love this neutral eyeshadow palette! These colors are great everyday basics and then BAM the shimmery gold adds spice to your eyeshadow look without being overwhelming.

I was pleasantly surprised at how diverse this palette is and how many different looks you can make with these 4 neutral colors.

The only warning I would give is that if your skin is darker, these colors might not work for your because of how neutral and ‘beige-y’ the shades look.

5. YSL Touche Eclat – $50.75

This YSL concealer is a cult classic, but it’s also pretty controversial. Some people love this concealer, and some people really don’t like it.

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Here’s what I think. This concealer is ideal if you have great skin, or just no under-eye bags to cover up haha! But if you’re like me, then your skin might not be super clear and you might have under-eye bags. But I still love this product and I think it’s because of how I use it.

Since I have some pretty intense under-eye bags, I like to put on a concealer that matches the rest of my face under my eyes first. This is just so that my under eye area doesn’t look gray from using a super light color to cover up super dark bags.

Then, I like to go in with this on top, because it makes my under eye area look so much more awake and fresh, and gives a little extra coverage.

I think this concealer would also make a beautiful and subtle highlighter because of how highlighting and dewy it looks.

6. Rodin Body Oil – $39.95

Indulging in a nice body oil is the ultimate self care! This body oil leaves your skin super supple and silky, and gives the most beautiful shine to your body.

It’s also really hydrating, it’s like showering your body in moisturizer and I am so here for it!!

7. Dior Addict Lip Glow in Raspberry – $34.00

These Dior lip glows are super moisturizing and look so good on the lips! I choose this color in particular because I think it’s the perfect tint to your lips – you get a pretty pink tint to the lips without it being super obvious or heavy, like if you were wearing lipstick.

I also really love how moisturizing they are, it’s a great balm!

Plus, look at how cute the packaging is!

8. Estee Lauder The Essential Face Palette – $49.83

This Estee Lauder face palette is so underrated and you need to try it! For one, it covers all your bases for your face. You have two blush options, ones more muted and great for everyday looks and another that is super bright. You also have a gold, shimmery highlight and a warm, bronzer.

You have four eye colors, too, so trust me, you’ve got plenty of options with this face palette.

Not only is the variety great, but the quality of the palette is amazing. The products are very pigmented with very little fallout. They’re also really easy to blend.

If you’re looking for luxury beauty products, this Estee Lauder face palette is a great find!

9. Shiseido Maquillage Dramatic Mood Veil – $57.67


This blush is so beautiful. You get the most radiant glow from it and it just makes you look fresh and dewy.

It also comes with a brush that is really good quality!

10. Farmacy Honey Potion Mask – $53.99

This mask is such a treat for your skin. You rub it into your skin and it warms up and feels sooo luxurious and calming. After using it your skin will feel so plump and rejuvenated.

It has honey in it so it’s very hydrating and helps fight environmental damage.

It is definitely an investment and I know it’s a lot to spend $50+ on a face mask but this is so worth it!

I hope this short but sweet list of 10 luxury beauty products to try this year helps you find out which beauty products you might want to try next!

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